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South Park Reel Chaos Pokies Review

South Park Reel Chaos is a sequel to NetEnt's very popular South Park slots title. Just like the original, it's a real treat for fans of the show but offers enough in the way of bonus rounds to interest others too.

With plenty of wilds and bonuses – more on those below – and a jackpot of 650,000 coins, we heartily recommend that you dive in and give the game a try for yourself.


For those of you wondering why our foul mouthed friends from Colorado are dressed up as superheroes and supervillains, this is a reference to season 13 and 14 episodes of South Park in which the boys take on these roles.

If you haven't seen these episodes, or the show at all, these references might fall a little flat. But, if you have, you're sure to enjoy Butters reprising his role as Professor Chaos and the hilariously offbeat Mintberry Crunch making another appearance.

As with the original slot, the graphics and sounds are taken from the actual show, so this really is like playing pokies crossed with an episode of South Park.


Like its predecessor, the original South Park slot, this is a pretty standard 5-reel slot with 25 lines. Aside from the bonus rounds, there's nothing unexpected or off the wall to figure out here before you can get started.

Between Cartman's Stacked Wilds, Kenny's multiplier (randomly triggered), Stan's multiplying re-spin, Kyle's Overlay Wilds and Mintberry Crunch Epic Bonus Spins, it's plain to see that there is no shortage of bonus rounds to keep players happy.

The only downside here is that the original South Park's incredible 8 bonus features spoiled us a bit, and Reel Chaos's 5 feels a little lacking in comparison. Still, they're nothing to be sniffed at, and these bonuses remain the key to landing the biggest jackpots.

The mini-games aren't quite as interactive as the original's, and because they're mostly driven by a slots mechanic, they don't serve as quite so much of a break. Still, they're fun and a bit of a change from spinning the reels, so we're really nitpicking here.

If you're the sort of person who likes to play on your smartphone or tablet, you'll be pleased to know that a mobile version of South Park Reel Chaos is available.

Added Value

Like most slots games, South Park Reel Chaos's bonus games are where you'll find the most value for money. But, in our experience, it's not all that easy to come out on the other side of these bonus rounds with a huge win. That might just be bad luck on our part, but it seems to us that Reel Chaos is quite a low variance slot.

It won't help to add anything to your bankroll, but South Park Reel Chaos has much more entertainment value than many other comparable slots. We all know that it can take some time to land a big jackpot when playing pokies, and it's a little easier to stick to the course if you're playing a game that's actually fun.

South Park Reel Chaos really is an enjoyable game, particularly for those who watch the show, and it will definitely keep you entertained for longer than the average 5-reel pokies title.


While it's perhaps not quite as accessible to those who aren't fans of the show as the original South Park slot, South Park Reel Chaos still has enough mini-games and bonus features to keep everyone interested. The jackpot is a bit lower than the game's predecessor, but it's not underwhelming by any means. It's those who've kept up with more recent seasons of South Park, particularly 13 and 14, who will get the most out of the game and understand all of its references. As with the original South Park slot, the graphics and sounds are like something straight out of the show and this makes for a fun and quirky experience like no other.