Mega Moolah Online Pokies Review

Arguably the most impressive online slot machine in the world, Mega Moolah online pokies is responsible for handing out millions of pounds in prizes every month. Consisting of five reels and 25 pay lines, the game has been nicknamed a Mega Progressive on account of the fact it routinely harbours jackpots in excess of $1 million. The main of the game is to spin in one of the many winning combinations, but the other aim is to unlock free spins and multipliers through the wild symbols, which in this case is the Mega Moolah Monkey.


If the theme of this game could be money then we'd leave it at that, but for the purposes of our Mega Moolah pokies review we should probably give you a little more insight into its design. Essentially, unlike other online slot machines that have to rely on fancy animations and flashy graphics, the Mega Moolah slot machine lets its jackpots do the talking.

For this reason you'll find that the styling is relatively simple with all the images either being card symbols or animals all housed in squares. One advantage of placing each symbol in a box is that it makes the presentation a lot clearer and, thus, the action easier to follow.

To ensure the game isn't plain to look at the designers have injected some splashes of colour where possible, namely on the payline markings and action buttons. However, in terms of presentation this game certainly isn't one of the most engaging you'll come across. Fortunately, that doesn't really matter because the amount of money you can win more than makes up for this.


The minimum coin size in Mega Moolah pokies is 0.01, with the maximum set at 0.05. There are 25 paylines and the maximum bet in the game is 125 coins. You can affect a maximum bet at any time can get this maximum by clicking the "Bet Max" button at the bottom of the interface.

Beyond this, Mega Moolah online pokies also has a wild symbol depicted by the Wild Lion. Unlike other pokies where wilds simply act as substitutes to complete winning combinations, the Wild Lion is also a multiplier. Thus, if this symbol is used to complete any winning combination the prize is doubled.

Whether you're playing the free game, or Mega Moolah pokies online for real money, the main thing you want to look out for is the Scatter Monkey symbol. Able to appear on any of the game's five reels, they can help bank you a win if two or more appear simultaneously.

If you're able to roll in three or more Scatter Monkey symbols appear the lucrative Free Spins Bonus Game will spring into live. During this part of the game you'll earn 15 free spins as well as an X3 multiplier on any prizes won during these gratis revolutions. The other appealing aspect of this bonus round is that you can earn an additional 15 free spins if you manage to hit three scatter symbols during these free spins.

Added Value

Our review of Mega Moolah online pokies has so far focused on the appealing aspects of its mechanics and while we could continue to wax lyrical about its dual game play setting - manual or automatic (expert) - it would crazy not to point out its best feature: money.

The Mega Moolah slot machine is one of the most popular online pokies because its progressive jackpot regularly hits seven-figures. Unlike standard games which have a set top prize, this title benefits from a pooled prizepool and thus can payout substantially more money than its peers. Indeed, if there's one reason above all why you should play this game it's for the chance that you can potentially win $1 million from a single spin costing jut $0.05.