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Mr Cash Back Pokies Review

Ever found yourself playing pokies and praying that you DON'T win? It's an odd concept, we know, but one that you might have to get used to when playing Mr Cash Back.


Mr Cash Back has a rather curious theme. We guess the title character, a man in an ugly green suit who smokes a big cigar and occasionally blows his own toupee off, is supposed to be a game show host or a banker but his Texas twang reminds us more of a used car salesman than anything else.

Still, since he's all about giving players cash back, we're more than prepare to forgive that! The visuals, while very green, are clear and functional – the gauges, which flash as you approach a cash back win, are done well and the reel icons are bright and colourful.

The jazzy tune that plays during spins is very jolly, and the game in general is fun to play. Keeping track of all the gauges takes a bit of work, but it makes for a unique pokies experience.


Mr Cash Back is an interesting title because it puts a totally new slant on the traditional 5-reel slot experience. With every spin, a gauge next to each payline keeps track of how long that line has gone without a win. Hit 50 winless spins in a row, and you'll get 50x your line bet back.

Now, bear in mind, this doesn't mean you can't win across other paylines on your way. In fact, there's nothing quite like a run of wins on other paylines only to get hit with an extra bonus payment for a line that's been having a bit of a drought.

Even during standard play, there's no shortage of wins to be had. For example, we'd only been playing for a few minutes when we hit 4 wilds and won 20x our original bet.

The maximum jackpot – 7,500 times your line bet – isn't as staggering as others on the market and there's no progressive jackpot to be had either, but that's not really what this game is all about. Rather, it's a fairly low variance slot that can quite easily see you bumping up your bankroll through steady play.

We found the free spins bonus round fairly hard to come by when playing Mr Cash Back but, given that you only get 12 free spins with a 2 multiplier, that's not too heartbreaking since standard play can be very rewarding all on its own.

Added Value

Clearly, the biggest value-add of Mr Cash Back is its unique cash back feature. When playing pokies, you usually just have to write off a bad experience until you can replenish your bankroll. The cash back feature might just save your bacon a few times.

We recommend that you give the slot a try in free play mode first to figure out the most appropriate bet size. It's not difficult to come away from Mr Cash Back with a bit of profit, and playing around with coin and bet sizes first will help you determine how much you might reasonably expect to win.


In most games, you've got nothing to show for the money you spend unless you happen to land a big win. In this respect, Mr Cash Back is a slot with a difference – hit 50 winless spins on a line and you get 50x your line bet back. Despite a reasonably low maximum jackpot, to be expected because of the game's unique cash back feature, this is a slot that's worth playing...particularly if you consider yourself to be a bit unlucky. This is one of the few games out there where a streak of bad luck can actually result in a positive outcome!