Play Agent Jane Blonde Slot!

Agent Jane Blonde Pokies Review

The name's Blonde...Jane Blonde. This irreverent take on the Bond films certainly has some of the right ingredients for a killer slot. Unfortunately, there's no progressive jackpot and the standard jackpot is fairly low but there's still some fun to be had here.

We take a closer look at Agent Jane Blonde below to figure out if it's got a license to thrill or if it needs a few more years in spy school first.


It's rare that you come across a slot that makes you smile, but that's exactly what Agent Jane Blonde does. From the reel icons – which include pink shaken martinis, C4 gum and a lethal pistol/garter combination – to the name itself, the slot hits a humorous note when you first start it up.

The cartoony graphics are cute, and feature Jane on a variety of missions in addition to several gadgets and gizmos of the trade. Agent Jane Blonde is not going to win any awards for its visuals, but it's nice to see that a bit of thought has been put into its presentation.

There seems to be some background music but it's drowned out by ambient casino noise, which is a bit of an odd choice. If you're anything like us, you'll probably end up muting the whole thing.

When the free spins bonus round is triggered, the opening notes of a certain very familiar (wink wink) movie score kicks in. However, it makes sure to cut out just before it becomes too obvious. Well, we suppose that's one way to avoid copyright infringement!


In terms of gameplay, Agent Jane Blonde is pretty much your average 5-reel slot. There are only 9 paylines so wins tend to come fairly rarely but they're usually more substantial, i.e. worth more than your original bet, when they do come.

The game has a free spins feature that boasts 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier, so it's possible to come away from this game with a jackpot worth thousands of coins. But, be warned, it's fairly unlikely that you'll be taking home astronomical sums of money after playing this game.

During standard play, a headshot of Jane acts as a wild and also doubles wins where substituting. However, we have to say that we didn't encounter this multiplying wild all that often while we were playing.

Ultimately, the gameplay feels very familiar and there's not really much to set the game apart besides its amusing theme.

Added Value

You'll probably have a bit of a chuckle to yourself when playing Agent Jane Blonde at the references to our man Bond, and a relatively low maximum bet of 45 coins means that you can act like a high roller without breaking the bank.

However, because there's just one bonus round, you probably won't find yourself coming back all that often unless you experience a big win playing Agent Jane Blonde. The low variance nature of the slot means that it is entirely possible to steadily pad your bankroll, so it's worth a go if you're itching for a new slot to try.


Agent Jane Blonde is a slot that you should definitely check out at least once so you can enjoy the witty reel symbols and fun cartoony graphics. However, there's not too much beyond that to keep players coming back – the game has just 9 paylines and a jackpot, worth a few thousand coins, that's much lower than many other games on the market. A bonus round of 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier might help you to take home a decent chunk of change, but you're never going to be able to retire on your winnings from this game.