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Starlight Kiss Pokies Review

Put off by the lovey dovey theme of Starlight Kiss? We don't blame you! But you might change your mind when you learn about the high win % and the hefty jackpot worth hundreds of thousands of coins.

Let's take a closer look at how Starlight Kiss attempts to win over even the most cold-hearted pokies players out there.


This pokie is like a Jackie Collins novel brought to life...which probably either sounds like a dream come true or your worst nightmare. We don't consider ourselves big romantics but, we have to say, this is still an enjoyable slot.

Reel icons include flowers, chocolates, handwritten love letters, a beautiful mansion and two lovers. Even if that's not your thing, we have to say that everything looks great.

There's something oddly relaxing about taking a stroll through the beautiful gardens of Starlight Kiss's mansion grounds, and the gentle background music is quite soothing too.


First things first, there's a jackpot of 360,000 coins to play for here. As important as theme is to the overall experience of playing pokies, we'd happily try just about any slot with a jackpot worth hundreds of thousands of coins.

And, better still, Starlight Kiss has a very high win percentage. Players can expect to win one out of every two or three spins. Of course, while some are very low value wins, it's not uncommon to land wins worth two or more times the value of your bet.

As a consequence, it's possible to play Starlight Kiss for hours on end (if you really wanted to, that is) without making much of a dent in your bankroll. Plus, throw the game's bonus rounds into the mix and you might make some profit too.

Unfortunately, because players win so regularly during standard play, the game's bonus rounds do leave something to be desired. The maximum 10x multiplier during the romance bonus round is pretty impressive but, during the free spins bonus round, you only get 14 spins with a 2x multiplier.

Other slots on the market boast anything from 3x to 10x multipliers during their free spins bonus rounds, so it's difficult to get too excited about this. However, at least you know you're going to be able to double a few wins because they're so common during standard play.

Added Value

Starlight Kiss is definitely a pokie for players who enjoy playing slots for a long time in a single session. Its biggest selling point is that wins are so common, so you can usually play without spending much, but there's always that huge maximum jackpot in the back of your mind as well

The game's style won't be to everyone's taste but there are some nice touches like mixed pays (where the lovers complete each other's lines) that make sense within the context of the theme but will also be appreciated by hardcore pokies players.

Plus, there's a huge distance between the minimum and maximum bets, making Starlight Kiss a nice choice no matter what the size of your bankroll.


The romantic theme and soppy music might deter some players, but we think that this game has so much going for it that you should stick around. The jackpot of more 350,000 coins is easy to fall in love with, for example. It also helps that you'll experience lots of wins when playing, which is unusual for a slot with such a large jackpot. The game has a couple of different bonus features, one of which has a romance multiplier of up to 10x, but the low 2x multiplier during free spins likely won't have as much of an impact on your bankroll as you might be hoping. Still, bonus rounds are always welcome in these parts! This game is definitely worth a look, even if you're not a romantic at all.