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Real Thunder Pokies Review

Where there's nothing particularly flashy about the Reel Thunder slot machine on the surface, the game actually has hidden depths. Thanks to some tinkering with its structure and massaging of the odds, this title is one of Microgaming's most lucrative games. Indeed, thanks to some slight in-game variations, the house edge is markedly lower than other options in the operator's range of online casino pokies; something which makes it a much more appealing if you're simply looking to make money without any added frills.


The first thing we noticed during our review of the Reel Thunder pokies game was that the spin and bet buttons are positioned on either side of the screen. Although a little distracting at first, this actually makes it easier to change your betting options when you're playing on your mobile phone in your hand and using primarily your thumbs. Moreover, the slimmed down styling also means the reels are slightly smaller than normal but this is necessarily a problem thanks to the lack of extraneous graphics or symbols. Indeed, whether you're waiting for a Harley to spin in or a biker pig to complete a winning combination, the action is clear and concise throughout.


Turning our online pokies guide to Reel Thunder in the direction of gameplay, we find that this title offers a total of five reels and nine betting lines. In comparison to other Microgaming pokies we consider this to be somewhat little lacking, but with a 20,000 coin jackpot on offer as compensation we can't complain too much.

In terms of betting ranges, the options in this game range from $0.25 to $2.00 which means it's aimed more at the midrange player rather than the hardened slot spinner. Indeed, this focus on relatively cheap max spins ($18), a low house edge and generous jackpot gives this game all the markings of a midmarket offering. Our thoughts are that once you've progressed past free Reel Thunder you'll find this game a fantastic steppingstone from the minor league to the major league.

Added Value

One of the nicest things we found during our Reel Thunder online pokies review was that you can bank up to 50 free spins if you roll in five scatters. This option is a great way to supplement the structured prize board and another reason why aspiring video slot pros will enjoy honing their skills in this game.