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Twin Spin Pokies Review

Twin Spin is a NetEnt title released in 2013 that puts a new spin (literally) on the traditional video slot format found both in land-based casinos and online. What's more, you'll be playing for a staggering jackpot of over 250,000 coins.

Boasting lots of ways to win and a unique feature that would see the average slot machine being put out to pasture, Twin Spin is well worth a look whether you're totally new to online pokies or have been playing for years.


With cherries, bells, jewels and bar symbols, Twin Spin's visual style echoes that of classic video slots titles. With its bright lights, neon colours and American style muzak, it seems to us that Twin Spin aspires to the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas.

The graphics and sounds are crisp and stylish. They're nothing special, but they're not trying to be – the game's unique qualities come from the way it plays, not how it looks.

The five-reel layout will instantly be familiar to anyone who has played pokies before, and there's nothing complicated to wrap your head around before you can get started.


Twin Spin takes its name from the way, with every spin, two or more reels are synchronised to display the same symbols. In fact, players can encounter up to four linked reels on a single spin. In practice, this functions a little like having an additional wild symbol thrown into the mix on every spin.

In Vegas, or any other bricks and mortar casino, such a game would be taken out the backdoor and disposed of post haste, but the twinned reels of Twin Spin have been purposefully built into the game to help players out.

With this unique feature, scattered wilds and the game's 243 ways to win (but only from left to right), it's very easy to encounter wins when playing Twin Spin. In fact, as we played we noticed that it's not uncommon to get two or three wins in a row.

Unfortunately, there's no bonus round in Twin Spin. This means that, in order to win the jackpot, you're probably going to be relying on encountering four synchronised reels and having a bit of luck to line up the remaining reel. Obviously, you'll probably be playing for quite a while before you get this lucky.

If you prefer to play on your smartphone, many casinos also offer a mobile version of the game called Twin Spin Touch.

Added Value

There's nothing quite like the thrill of getting four synchronised reels, especially if they're the first four reels, because you know that you're just seconds away from a big win. Unfortunately, it's impossible to predict when that's going to happen.

You might want to give Twin Spin a try in its free play mode before you start playing with real cash, as you'll be able to get an idea of how often (and how much) you can expect to win when playing at your chosen bet level.

No bonus round means that the slot has quite a low variance; you can usually play for quite a while without making too big of a dent in or adding much cushion to your bankroll, with the exception of the major jackpots of course.


With a very big jackpot and a unique feature that can result in wins that feel positively easy, Twin Spin certainly has its moments. The visuals aren't anything too out of the ordinary, but the slot still looks and feels very modern. There's no bonus round (as such) to chase, so this is an easy game to jump in and out of without feeling that you have to stick around for hours. In fact, you could even find yourself getting bored after a long session so this is probably one best enjoyed in small doses.