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Zorro Pokies Review

"Have you seen this one?" This is what Zorro would ask in the 1920s Zorro movie to set up a silly magic trick with his handkerchief. Well, now it's time for us to ask you the same thing about the Zorro pokie.

Unlike some tie-in pokies, it's a fresh and exciting game that's almost impossible not to like. But is it worth the extra cash needed to play the bonus games?


Lots of pokies titles tie in with movies, which can be a great move because it automatically entices any fans of those movies. But as the years go by they can start to look tired and out-dated, especially if the franchise is rebooted or has actors replaced with other people.

Zorro has managed to avoid this curse because, although it was released around the same time as the Zorro movies starring Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, it doesn't directly reference them; reel icons instead feature cartoon versions of Zorro, Juliana and Monastario, as well as barrels, bags of gold coins and Zorro's horse.

There's also some distinctive "Zorro-esque" music that punctuates the action every time things start getting exciting.


If you can afford to play the Zorro slot using all of its 25 lines and with the Zorro bonus enabled, which will cost you an extra 10 credits per spin, we highly recommend that you do. This unlocks an array of Zorro bonus features including Magic Door, Tornado, Gold Coins and Wild Z.

Why do we think it's worth enabling the Zorro bonus? Well, we found Monastario behind our first magic door and were able to triple our starting balance as a result. Not bad, eh?

The bonus round is triggered by spelling out ZORRO across the reels. This is a fun little move that recalls Zorro's signature 'Z' symbol, often left scratched on walls as his calling card, but it does mean that unless you see a Z when the first reel lands you know that you're not getting a bonus round on this spin.

Even without any of these bonuses it's possible to land some great wins thanks to the wild Zorro symbol, who often crops up on multiple reels per spin. But the fact that it costs extra to unlock the bonus features might leave a sour taste in some players' mouths.

We can definitely see where they’re coming from and, if you resent paying extra for the bonus features, this game may not be for you.

Added Value

Zorro's base jackpot of 5,000 credits isn't particularly mind-blowing, so the game needs to have something else to distinguish it from other games out there. And, fortunately enough, it does.

With some excellent bonus rounds, Zorro really is genuinely fun to play. There's enough variety to keep players interested even across lengthy sessions, but the fact that you have to pay extra for them may be a deal-breaker for many Aussie pokies fans.

If you've recently had a big win elsewhere or are just feeling like a high roller, you could do a lot worse than to stump up the extra cash and give this game a try for yourself. We think you'll have a great time playing it.


To get the most out of Zorro, you'll want to pay extra to enable the Zorro bonus which unlocks various extra bonus rounds and features. Like in Wild Panda, the main bonus round is triggered by spelling ZORRO across the reels but we've found it to be a bit more lucrative than its PANDA equivalent. The game's jackpot of 5,000 coins isn't huge, but its not bad either, and there are enough bonus features to make playing Zorro genuinely exciting. It can feel a little volatile, but we think that it's definitely worth taking this one for a spin.