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This page explains what progressive jackpots are and how you can take advantage of them. Progressive jackpots are the way forward if you want to make bank at a casino. They provide a simple formula – each time a player uses the machine and doesn’t win the jackpot, a percentage of their money goes towards the ever growing pot. Some progressive jackpots are shared between casinos, to increase the speed the bounty grows at. Once the lucky winner strikes gold, the pot is reset to a standard amount and begins the climb upwards again.

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Making Progressive Jackpots Simple

So how big can progressive jackpots really get? It’s all very well saying they are massive – but what figures are we really talking about here? The top twenty progressive jackpots range from 7 million AUD (the most common “top jackpot” to win) to an enormous and extraordinary 26 million AUD. That’s incredible.

Myth Busting Progressive Jackpots

You’re deciding on what casino to play on and notice that one has a thermometer looking ready to burst. This casino is claiming that the jackpot is ready to spill at any moment. Another casino has a similar amount in its pot, but the thermometer or whatever device image they are using is only half filled or not even displayed. You choose the one with the full up thermometer, right? Well, you could do, but it wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference.

Winning the jackpot, doesn’t depend on how many times the game has been played and lost. Believing this is called the gamblers fallacy, and it’s what casinos depend on in order to keep players hooked on the game. Suffering under the delusion that each loss gives you more chance of a win next time will keep players spending more money than they ought to have and keep pulling that lever, making the casinos more money. The fact is, each time the level is pulled, dice is rolled or wheel is spun, it’s a completely new and fresh game. The likeliness of the jackpot being won has the same probability each time. It’s pure random luck. Anyone who participates has the same chances of winning. Of course, the player who spends 5 hours in the casino in a month has more chances of winning than the once a month gambler, due to the simple fact of having more turns at the casino game of choice. Unfortunately, there’s no simple strategy to winning the progressive jackpot – the only way to win is to keep playing and to always use the max bet allowed.

Are All Progressive Jackpots To Be Trusted?

Make sure that you read the fine print when aiming for the jackpot at your chosen casino. It’s all well and good if you win 10 million AUD, but what good will that do if the casino you participate in only allows you to withdraw 2,000 AUD per month? Useless! You are more likely to die of old age or the casino to close up shop before seeing the better half of your winnings. Of course, not all casinos have this policy so double check first before you go risking your hard earned cash for spare change.

Progressive Jackpot FAQ:

What Are Progressive Jackpots?

Progressive jackpots are named in opposition of regular jackpots, which offer a fixed and static reward. Progressive jackpots grow over time, as more people play on them, and keep increasing until one lucky gambler strikes gold.

How Do They Work?

Progressive jackpots work by taking a small percentage out of every bet made and lost and putting it into an ever-growing pot. The pots are usually shared by a network of casinos all over the world, to increase the speed at which the pot grows and the amount it increases to. There are still the same odds of winning no matter how many people play, so the more people involved – the better!

How Are They Paid?

The winnings will be paid into the account you have associated with the casino you are playing on. You can change this account at any time. Make sure that your casino allows you a substantial monthly withdrawal allowance to avoid huge disappointment when your numbers do come up.

How Often Are They Won?

Progressive jackpots are won daily. However for the epic wins in the million-dollar mark you usually see the winners separated by a few months.

Are They Legit?

You betcha! People really do win the progressive jackpots and are currently living the dream. However, before you get carried away please bear in mind that there are casinos out there that exist only to take advantage of your naivety. Please make sure that you only spend your money on reputable casinos, especially ones with a proven list of previous jackpot winners.

Where Can I Find The Best Jackpots?

Check out this page for the best jackpots. We’ve displayed the casinos that have the most rewarding and generous jackpots on the web. Our experts ensure that they are reputable and using the latest in casino software for your safety, security and peace of mind.

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