Cheating Guide

Cheating Guide

Players from around the world sometimes fantasize about hacking into an online casino and figuring out a way to siphon out the millions of dollars that players put in on a daily basis. It would be like walking into the bank and demanding all the money in the vault, only 1000x larger at one of the leading casinos in the world. Unfortunately for all these would-be criminals, the security features that casinos employ is incredibly sophisticated. There are few ways to cheat online casinos, and nearly all the people that have tried in the past failed in one way or another. Here’s a breakdown of how people try to cheat casinos, and what happens to cheaters that get caught.

Server Hacking

There are a few stories about hackers that successfully broke through into the networks of casino and transferring money or even changing odds of a certain game to make it easier to win. There’s even a story about a guy that managed to do just that when online casinos were relatively new and security was pretty basic. That guy changed the odds on a certain slot game and he managed to win a bunch of money in the process. When casinos realized what he did he received jail time for it. Plenty of hackers today try to get into casino servers, but they’re protected with advanced security tools that make doing so nearly impossible.

Claiming the Casino Cheated You

There are many players that will take screen shots as they play at a casino and later doctor those images to make it look like they won a specific prize or jackpot that they were never paid for. These people send in the photos to the casino as evidence, and then demand that they be paid. Some have even gone as far as suing the company to try to get the money. This might have worked early on when casino software was poor, but today casinos have detailed logging systems in place. That means they can easily go back and look at the exact hand that you’re complaining about. If you were cheated this will give them the proof they need, and if not you’ll get in a whole lot of trouble for trying to defraud the casino.

Strategy Bots

Strategy Bots

Coders have developed special strategy bots designed to play table games such as blackjack with perfect strategy all the time. These tools are much more effective than 99% of players on the Internet today, but they aren’t likely to get you anywhere anyway. That’s because casinos have special tools in place to monitor the gameplay of every player. If one of these tools notices a consistent pattern the casino is going to look into your robot and you’ll be banned as soon as they figure out what is going on. Another major issue with this strategy, is that even with perfect strategy the casino is still likely to make money off you over time thanks to the house edge.

Casinos Rely on Top Level Security

Casinos are highly profitable when they run properly, and that means they have a lot of incentive to make sure that nobody can cheat them and that their security holds during day-to-day operations. Leading casinos rely on a variety of software and security solutions to ensure that everyone’s money is safe and that nobody can cheat them.

SSL encryption is used for every delicate piece of information that the Casino doesn’t want getting out to someone else. This is the same solution that banks and other high-profile financial institutions rely on to safeguard their money and vital information. Casinos also employ leading security experts to create top-tier firewalls and leading anti-theft software to keep hackers at bay. Their experts are constantly developing new safeguards to keep up with professional hackers that haven’t been able to create a breach in years. Not only is it difficult to cheat a casino, but it’s next to impossible even as a life-long hacker that works finding exploits in software and websites around the world.

Casinos Keep Themselves Fair as Well

Casinos Keep Fair

While casinos work very hard to ensure that they are safe and secure, they also work hard to safeguard players to guarantee that all play is random and the outcome can work in favour of the player as they go through their turns. Casinos rely on a random number generator to determine all the outcomes of its games. This system must be examined by an outside party several times throughout the year to ensure that the casino is safe for players to use. Only then can it receive its license and also get the go ahead from the monitoring company. Casinos don’t mind being fair because they have a built-in edge that allows them to be profitable.

If you’re planning on attempting to cheat an online casino, I would advise against it. Unless you’re a more accomplished hacker than most of the experts out there, or you know a secret loophole for a specific casino, you probably don’t stand a chance. You’ll waste your time and money trying to rip off the site, and in the end you could end up with some serious jail time for very little to no gain at all.

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