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VIP High Roller Casinos

If you love winning money at an online casino, VIP programs could be for you. VIP promotions are great for high roller gamblers who play regularly and make lots of deposits.

Loyalty schemes are available at most Australian Internet casinos in 2024. You just have to deposit real money, play your favourite games, and earn player points.

The more points you earn, the higher up the VIP ladder you will go. You are then free to convert points into cold, hard cash or prizes and gifts.

  • Discover how a VIP/High Roller program works in 2024
  • Find out how to earn points on the best games
  • Learn how to access the top loyalty bonuses and ongoing promotions
As soon as you make a deposit for AUD, you will join the VIP scheme at the lowest rung, or tier

How Our Team Finds The Best VIP Online Casino Programs

Most online casinos in 2024 offer a VIP, or loyalty, program of one kind or another. They generally offer the same thing: bigger bonuses, preferential treatment, and money back. You will also be offered holidays and big gifts if you earn enough action points.

Our team has scoured the Internet to find top promotions for Australian gamblers. All of our recommended gaming sites have great real-cash AUD offers. If you are looking for a good VIP casino online, you've come to the right place.

A Guide To What VIP Programs Offer Players

Most high roller online casino promotions work in the same way. As soon as you make a deposit for AUD, you will join the VIP scheme at the lowest rung, or tier.

Check the casino's VIP page. Here you will see the tiers of the high roller scheme, and what benefits each tier has. You will also see the wagering requirements needed for each tier.

Earning Player Points: By playing pokies or roulette online, you will earn player points, or 'comp points'. For example, you may earn 10 points for every $1 wagered. Some games will contribute more in points, so do your homework before join up.

Maintaining Points: As you earn more points you will have the chance to move up a level. For example, you may start a VIP tier at 5,000 points or less. To move up, you may have to accrue 10,000 points.

Watch out for deadlines. If you miss out on the next level after a month, you will have to stay on your present level. But you will likely have to gamble enough points in your next month to remain on your current level. Fail that, and you will drop down a tier.

For example, if you need 50,000 points to move up a level, you will usually have to accrue 5,000 points in the month to at least stay on your present level.

Benefits Of Lower Tiers: If you join a VIP casino online, you may jump straight into a scheme right away. Other casinos require a few thousand points before your loyalty programme kicks in. Players can access a special weekly deposit bonus as standard. You may also get free spins on a new pokie. Always look out for any wagering requirements attached (see below).

Benefits of Middle Tiers: Earn enough points and you'll move up a tier. Now you can enjoy added benefits like bigger deposit match bonuses, a better conversion rate on points, and access to a dedicated 'VIP Manager'.

You can start converting your player points into AUD. If you earned 100 points for every Australian dollar gambled, you may be able to convert fewer points into the same amount of cash. That can really add up over the long term.

A VIP Manager is a dedicated casino operative who will help out with any problems. Typically, you can email the VIP manager or (in some cases) phone them direct. Ask for faster payouts, bring up any problems with payments, or ask for a free bonus.

Middle-tier online casino VIP players may also get faster withdrawals. Where a regular customer has to wait 5-7 days for a card cash-out, a VIP may enjoy a processing time of 2-3 days.

Benefits of the Highest Tiers: If you're a big high roller in Australia, you can achieve Gold or Platinum status. You may have to get 500,000 or more points to get there, but the benefits can be huge. Enjoy a lower maintenance rate, have a bonus scheme tailored to your individual needs, or get a lower conversion rate on your loyalty points. You may also be in line for big prize giveaways or be invited on exclusive trips around the world.

Wagering Requirements: Many online casino sites offer real-money bonuses to their VIP players. These are usually in the form of deposit match bonuses or free spins on pokies.

To access a bonus, simply make a special deposit and "play through" the amount several times over (e.g. 20-30 times).

Always watch out for these wagering requirements and what games you play. Not all games have the same eligibility. For example, pokies may contribute 100 percent towards a bonus. However, roulette and blackjack on the same site may only contribute 20 percent.

Picking The Right Betting Levels For High Rollers

It's important to check out the VIP program before you sign up. If you are serious about regular online casino play, it's vital.

Not all casinos offer the same points-to-dollar ratio. Similarly, not all sites offer the same conversion rates. Some rooms are better for pokies players; others are good for roulette nuts in Australia.

Do your homework first and work out what you're likely to play, and how regularly. If you are unlikely to maintain a tier, don't sign up for the scheme.

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Our Australian Online Casino Sites Have The Best High Roller Programs

If you're playing regularly at an online casino, VIP schemes are great for rewarding solid Aussie gamblers. You can earn serious bonuses and benefits, and the best sites have big giveaways for their high rollers.

At, we only pick out the very best casino high roller action. Turn your high-stakes online gaming into real bucks. Pokies players can find big progressives that offer millions, and roulette gamblers will discover lots of interesting variants only available on the net.

The more you gamble, the more points you can earn. And the more points you earn, the higher the VIP tree you will go. Make your real-cash action pay and join one of our recommended high roller schemes today.


What Are VIP Casinos?

VIP casinos are filled with high-stakes games and generous loyalty schemes for regular players. VIP programs offer regular bonuses, cash giveaways, and holidays.

What Games Can Be Played?

Most table games and pokies can contribute to a VIP gaming scheme. It's important to check the wagering requirements on VIP games before committing to a program.

Who Is Eligible?

Some casinos allow ANYONE who deposits real AUD to join a VIP program. You will start at the bottom of the rung on zero points. However, some online casino VIP schemes will let you join once you reach a "milestone". For example, 5000 or 10,000 player points.

What Benefits Are There?

Each VIP casino online has a different way of offering regular players bonuses. You may receive simple deposit bonus to start with, or faster cash-outs. You may also get cashback on losing bets. As you move up the VIP levels, high rollers can enjoy benefits like VIP managers, better conversion rates on points, and 5-star holidays.

Which Sites Are Best For High Rollers?

For a great VIP casino, high roller gamblers need access to high-stakes pokies and table games so they can clear their points quicker. Look for big-money pokies from major developers, or Live Casino games that let you bet for hundreds of Aussie dollars per spin.

Is There A Minimum Required Spend?

Yes. You will have to acquire player points when you gamble. Generally, you will earn points for every $1 you gamble. Some sites award points relative to the size of your bets. Other casinos award points for your overall gambling spend. The comp points needed to join the lowest rung differs massively from casino to casino.

How Does It Compare With Normal Play?

High roller action is great for action junkies Down Under. You will usually have access to exclusive tables, and some games are ONLY open to high roller players. Be prepared for the swings, however, and always have a bankroll that can handle a downswing.