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Avalon Online Pokies Review

If you're a fan of highly customisable slot machines then check out our Avalon online pokies review. A typical title from the Microgaming stable of games, the Avalon slot machine gives you the ability to alter its look and feel with the few simple mouse clicks.

Indeed, if you like to fully immerse yourself in the game you can crank the volume you up to its maximum and enable full animation before you begin to spin. If you're less enthused by flashing lights and catchy sounds effects then you can disable virtually every auxiliary feature and simply spin the reels in silence.

In addition to customising the look of the game, both free Avalon pokies and Avalon for real money can be personalised in terms of game play. Depending on which mode you choose (standard or expert) the amount of interaction you have with the reels will differ.


If you're looking for an intricately designed slot machine then stop reading our review of Avalon pokies now. However, if you're someone who enjoys an attractive, yet understated, design then you're in luck. For this particular title the developers at Microgaming have decided to focus on simplicity rather that overly ornate styling.

Using regal iconography and card symbols, the overall feel of the game is clarity. Plain blue reels, an uncluttered betting bar and bold images mean even the most inexperienced user will know what's going on. Indeed, one of the main problems inexperienced players often face when playing a virtual slot for the first time is a complicated interface. Fortunately, the people behind Avalon online pokies have avoided this pitfall and created a game that users of all abilities should be able to master.


As a structural guide to Avalon online pokies, the most important points you need to note are that it contains five reels, 20 win lines and the minimum coin size is 0.01. Beyond this the game boasts a dual jackpot system which allows you to win anything from 2,000 to 3,000 coins.

Beyond this, the Avalon icon is used as the wild symbol. It can be used in place of other symbols to complete winning situations, except in the case when only scatters will do. Moreover, the Avalon symbol is used to unlock the 3,000 coin jackpot when five appear in a row.

The final structural aspect of the game you need to be aware of is the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol in this game is the "Lady of the Lake" symbol. Rolling in three or more of these icons will automatically activate the Free Spins Bonus Game as well as a multiplier round. The best case scenario when dealing with scatter symbols is if five "Ladies" appear on the screen. The payout in this instance is 200x the amount of coins bet.

Added Value

For those reading our guide to Avalon real money pokies and who are looking for something to make it unique, the expert setting should be that hook. Aside from allowing users to set their betting limits and automatically rotate the reels, this mode also offers something known as "quick spin". In a nutshell this option allows players to spin the reels at a faster rate and, thus, fit in more revolutions per minute. If you're an advanced player then a feature such as this is a fantastic way to not only reduce your playing time but increase your overall win rate.