Play Penguin Vacation Slot!

Penguin Vacation Pokies Review

Wait, why would penguins take a vacation somewhere cold? Isn't that where they spend every day? And why do penguins need a vacation anyway? It's not like they have jobs...

Maybe it's best not to ask such questions and just enjoy the game! And with a solid jackpot, some cracking bonus rounds and a cute Pixar-esque theme, there's plenty to enjoy when you play a round of Penguin Vacation.


Brr, Penguin Vacation's theme is so icy that you could find yourself catching a chill just by playing it. Ok, not really, but the point remains that this is one fine looking pokies title.

From the fish ice lollies and Antarctic Tours suitcases to the penguins themselves, the attention to detail on everything from the reel icons to the fishing mini-game and sliding penguin wilds is excellent.

There's also a chirpy little tune that manages to come across half cool tones and half reggae jam. All in all, it makes for a fun slot that doesn't get old in a hurry.


Standard play is, more or less, your typical 3-row, 5-reel pokies affair. There are 20 paylines in Penguin Vacation, which isn't too bad, and it's possible to rack up some reasonable wins in standard play.

However, the bonus round is an entirely different story. When a round of free spins is triggered, players are given some ice blocks to choose from. With a bit of luck, it's possible to activate as many as 33 free spins and a multiplier that goes as high as 15x.

Of course, there's a trade-off here – sometimes players will only get 8-10 free spins and have to cope with a multiplier of just 2x. There's a nice jackpot to be had when playing Penguin Vacation – 10,000x your line bet – but the real sense of volatility comes from how much the end result of the bonus round can vary.

A multiplier of 15x can do INCREDIBLE things for your bankroll and, provided you're willing to take the times you only get a 2x multiplier in stride, this game throws out some of the most exciting bonus rounds online pokies have to offer.

Added Value

No progressive jackpot to play for in this one, but the high standard jackpot and an excitingly volatile bonus round means that there's still a lot of fun (and potentially a lot of hefty cash wins) to be had with this one.

Because of the slightly riskier nature of Penguin Vacation, we'd recommend that you either take it for a spin in free play to get an idea of how much of a hit your bankroll will take or commit to playing for long enough to reach the bonus round a couple of times.

Doing this is no guarantee that you'll balance out your losses or come out with a profit, but it feels more likely that you'll encounter at least one bonus round with a higher multiplier if you do.


It may be a bit juvenile for some players, but a sizeable jackpot and a multiplier of up to 15x in the bonus round means that even the crabbiest slots players might want to take a look at this 20 payline title. The reel icons, and the theme as a whole for that matter, are quite attractive but beware of this game's dark secret – Penguin Vacation can be quite volatile and might even take a bite out of your bankroll. But, as non-progressive games go, it's fun to play and can be very exciting particularly during the bonus round. We recommend it, as long as you don't get too silly with your bets.