Play Big Ben Slot!

Big Ben Pokies Review

No, we're not talking about a fat guy called Benjamin, but the iconic London clock tower. Fun fact: it's actually the bell that's called Big Ben, not the clock or the tower itself.

With plenty of paylines, a fun visual style and some jackpots worth more than the Crown Jewels (well, not quite), Big Ben is a fun little slot that players in Oz are sure to enjoy.


Big Ben's theme is as British as steak and kidney pie! Union flags, Buckingham Palace guards, red phone boxes, double decker buses, pub signs and even the Crown Jewels adorn the reels, and players are met with the distinctive chime of Big Ben as they start up the game.

It would be nice if the background was a bit less static, featuring the London skyline or an animated version of Leicester Square or Oxford Circus, but it's not like this affects the gameplay or your chances to win.

Travel themed slots are becoming more common these days, and they're done best when they successfully capture a romanticised idea of their setting. Big Ben does this very well, and each time you play it's like getting a little taste of London.


There's no getting around the fact that Big Ben is volatile. Sometimes we play through several spins without getting a single win, but other times we've doubled our bankroll on our first spin.

There are plenty of wilds scattered around Big Ben's reels so the chance to land some good wins, even during standard play, is always there. But if the wins you're racking up aren't impressing you, you can always gamble them on the turn of a card to double or quadruple your winnings by guessing the colour or suit correctly.

Then again, there are tens of thousands of AUD up for grabs – the maximum jackpot is 30,000 coins and the Big Ben bonus awards up to 500x your bet – so that won't be a problem for players who often get lucky.

The free game feature awards between 15 and 25 free games, with 5x, 4x or 3x scattered multiplying wilds AND doubles all wins during the round. All of which is great in our book but, be warned, it can take a very long time to unlock a round of free spins.

Added Value

There's something about this game that makes it a lot of fun to play. The Big Ben bonus is particularly nail-biting, as you wait to see how many times the bell will toll and how big your prize will be.

The maximum jackpot and other bonus wins are large enough that they'd have a significant impact on your life, but it's easily possible to bump up your bankroll during standard play too.

If you've always fancied a trip to England but can't handle the idea of more than 20 hours in a cramped aeroplane seat, give Big Ben a try instead. Hit the jackpot and you might be able to afford first class when you go!


Big Ben has an appealing and stylish theme than Anglophiles will adore, and it's a heck of a lot cheaper than planning a vacation to the UK! The reel icons are very unique and the whole thing looks great, but the high volatility and reasonably low jackpot (when compared with other slots on the market) might put some players off. There are a couple of bonus features available – although don't expect to see them pop up too often – that can help to pad your bankroll or even help you to land a big win or two, so this one is definitely worth a try.