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Merlin's Millions SuperBet Pokies Review

Join the wild wizard himself for an adventure and, more importantly, the chance to win a jackpot of 10,000 coins. With a seriously hefty 50 paylines, bonus rounds and a huge SuperBet multiplier, it's no wonder so many people are chasing millions with Merlin.

One of Nextgen's top titles, Merlin's Millions is an excellent slot for players who love chasing big money even though it lacks a progressive jackpot.


Merlin's Millions features (surprise, surprise...) the wizard Merlin pretty heavily. There's no cinematic introduction, but it appears that Merlin is adventuring in a cave and it's up to players to help him cast some spells and make some magic.

The game boasts all sorts of appropriate reel symbols, such as spellbooks, bejewelled staffs and eyeballs in jars, as well as some creepy numbers with googly eyes. There's also some orchestral music that bears a similarity to the music in the films of another wizard called Mr Harry Potter.

Merlin himself looks a little more like another famous wizard – Gandalf from Lord of the Rings. However, he's a bit clumsier than Gandalf, often struggling with spells backfiring in his face and knocking on the screen to wave hello.

All in all, the theme is quite charming and it also seems rather appropriate; the idea of potentially making thousands of AUD just from spinning a few reels certainly sounds like magic to us.


In general, the game behaves like most other 5-reel slots. However, there are a few quirks that set it apart. For example, there's the fantastic SuperBet feature. This adds a multiplier of up to 10X to wins involving a substituted wild.

There are also two bonus rounds to enjoy. The first is triggered by 3 scattered orbs and generates 5 free spins during which Merlin waves his staff to enchant symbols or even entire reels to become wild. The second involves picking owl symbols to win hidden prizes until Collect is revealed.

Our favourite is the orb round because it feels like the potential to win big is greater, but you're bound to develop a favourite of your own if you play.

You can also gamble your winnings on the colour or suit of a card every time you win instead of collecting your coins straight away. You may have better luck, but the cards seemed to conspire against us every time we tried to gamble our winnings!

Added Value

It may add a little more to your stake to activate it, but we think it's well worth using the SuperBet feature when you're playing Merlin's Millions. The bonus rounds are a nice extra but, in our experience, the biggest wins seem to come whenever you're lucky enough to see Merlin wilds connecting up lines.

In fact, we won 10x our original bankroll thanks to a couple of reels full of Merlin wilds during one playthrough! That's not to say you'll be that lucky, but we found that standard play with a SuperBet could actually be more lucrative than free spins.

We definitely think there's a bit of magic to this game and would happily recommend it to anyone.


The title of this game is a bit misleading – with a jackpot of 10,000 coins, which isn't bad by any means but it's hardly as advertised, you're never going to walk away from this game a millionaire! Even so, the theme is quite attractive and it has to be said that the game is quite fun to play. The titular SuperBet feature is definitely worth employing, as it can sometimes result in a multiplier of up to 10X. Add a very good bonus round into the mix, and it's easy to see why Merlin's Millions is still a popular choice.