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Let's cut to the chase here: Oz is a big place. And unless you're a sucker for expensive long-distance flights or gas-guzzling drives, chances are you've set foot in only one or two local brick 'n' mortar casinos (and by local, we could be talking anything from 50 to 200 miles away).

Thank heavens, then, for the online casino revolution.

In 2024, there are literally dozens and dozens of top Internet casinos available to players Down Under, and whether your game of choice is roulette, blackjack or pokies, there's a site for you.

Online gaming provides the perfect fix for gambling-mad Aussies like you - and you don't even have to leave the comfort of your front room or dunny (each to their own).

Who we are

Who we are

At Casino.com.au, we're a team of Aussie gambling nuts just like you who came to Internet gaming in the recent boom. We live, breathe, eat and sleep casinos online, and we're as desperate as Australian gambling fans in finding top websites to play at.

One of our biggest gambling nuts, Steve Lee, has made it his life mission to find the very best online casinos the Internet has ever seen.

“Everyone has their own definition of what ‘the best’ is,” Steve says. “Our definition? Every single aspect of an online casino. We look at everything, and I mean everything. Graphics, customer service, security, pay-out methods, variety of games, traffic, and many more factors. We carefully evaluate each aspect and then look at the big picture. If an online casino exceeds our very high expectations in each area, then it’s truly one of the best.”

To put it quite simply, we are Australia's top online casino comparison website. We test and compare, review and rank loads of online casinos in order to find you the best places to enjoy slots, blackjack and roulette. We sift through the garbage too, of course, so you don't waste time in signing up to a lousy gambling site, only to discover they don't have the games you want, or their customer support sucks.

We deposit our own hard-earned Aussie dollars, so we know we're risking real cash when we try out Internet casinos online. If the security sucks somewhere and our personal data goes walkabout, we'll tell you. And if a casino's cash-out takes weeks, we'll warn you in advance.

Meet the Team

  • Meet the Team Jason Shaw: Jason is a certified blackjack fan who is equally at home sitting at a live casino's felt, or a virtual one. He is happy to guide players on the ins and outs of the game.
  • Meet the Team Carly Hunter: Carly is your girl for all things pokies related. She has spent more hours than she would like to admit learning the workings of the many games, and now offers to pass that knowledge on to you.
  • Meet the Team Matt Slade: Matt is not a specialist at any of the casino games, but rather brings a sound knowledge of many of them. He's equally at home with roulette or sic-bo and is here to show you the tricks he picked up.

What we do for you

What we do

Aussie gambling fans want a rich suite of games at their disposal, with a sweet range of limits to match. So, whether you're a roulette player betting a buck a time, or a whale spinning pokies for $200 a go, we'll find the sites with the best range of games around.

And while we're on the subject of experience, we know how bad customer service can ruin your casino experience. While it's true that many of the top web casinos are based thousands of miles around the world, it can also mean that their customer support caters for players living in a different time zone too. That's why we stay up way past our bedtime testing out casino sites' customer service. If they aren't awake when you are, chances are it's a casino you'll want to steer clear of.

Playing at online casinos in 2024 should be all about fun, convenience, and above all, safety. After all, what's lousier than firing up your laptop, downloading a casino client, depositing your hard-earned wonga, only to realise that that casino's customer support sucks, the deposit bonus isn't actually all that good, and the range of games is tiny?

Finding you the Best Sites

Finding great sites

At Casino.com.au, we make sure our top recommended picks offer Aussies the widest range of games, have certified security in place, the proper auditing specs, and welcome bonuses that ensure there'll be a lot more Australian online gamblers walking round with bulging pockets. (Relax, we're talking about money here.) What's more, our sites should cater for Australians, so we make sure our picks allow for a range of Aussie-friendly deposit options. So whether you want to use a debit card from your local bank, a Visa credit card, or Aussie-friendly services like POLi, we'll tell you which casinos accept your payments.

If you are Australian, online casinos have never been more accessible nor offer so many great games and bonuses. Whether you're looking at playing at home on a PC or Mac, on the move with your Aussie smartphone or tablet, or looking to find top blackjack bonuses, we'll see you right with a top casino website deal. Let's do this journey together and we'll all end up richer. Fair dinkum!

How we Help you

  • How we help We live and breathe online gambling so much that we’ve made it our life mission to find the very best online casinos the Internet has ever seen.
  • How we help We have ridiculously high standards. Any casino highly recommended by us has passed our extremely rigorous standards.
  • How we help We do all the work just so you won’t have to. We sift through all of the “garbage” sites and thoroughly test every aspect of each legitimate online casino.
  • How we help We leave no stone unturned. We’re probably the most thorough Australian online casino review site you’ll ever see.

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