Online Pokies Top 10 Tips

Online Pokies Top 10 Tips

There are literally thousands of online pokies available to play for real-money these days.

But how do you even go about choosing the best games, and how can you make the most from your hard-earned bucks?

While we can’t guarantee you’ll be bringing in the million-dollar pokie jackpots, we can at least point you in the right direction with these handy hints.

Should you wish to learn more about pokies, check out our guide.

1 – Pick a Game You Enjoy

There are so many pokies online, you really aren’t spoiled for choice. So, choose a theme that appeals to you before you play. If you’re into superheroes and comics, pick a top Marvel or DC-themed game; if mythology is more your thing, opt for a top Egyptian or medieval-themed pokie. Getting bored while playing is the easiest way to lose your cash.

2 – Choose Popular Games

As well as picking a game that you will find fun to play is finding a game that’s popular. Popular pokies will be available at more casinos on the net, and you may even be offered free spins as part of a regular bonus promotion.

3 – Hunt Out the Progressive Pokies

Many online pokies carry linked progressive jackpots which can offer players huge prizes. Jackpots regularly go for over $1 million (and sometimes, many times that) and they’re a good way of taking a shot while keeping things interesting. Remember, though, you’ll often have to bet the maximum coin bets to qualify for a progressive jackpot.

4 – Read the Paytable Before You Play

No two pokies are created equal. Payouts on winning combinations can vary dramatically from pokie to pokie, so make sure you check the paytable first to see what pays what. In the paytable, you’ll also find info on Wild icons, the bonus features, and the paylines available. Remember, you can also try out free online pokies before you commit any of your real money.

5 – Check the RTP

In the paytable or online casino lobby, you’ll usually find an RTP (Return to Player percentage). This gives you a good indication of the long-term payouts made by the pokie. For example, if a pokie has an RTP of 96%, over time the game will pay out $96 for every $100 bet. While figures are generally theoretical, they’re good for an overall feel of whether a pokie is worth playing.

6 – Avoid ‘Classic’ Pokies

Most new online pokies have multiple paylines and bonus features to keep things interesting and ensure lots of regular payouts. However, lots of online casinos offer classic 3-reel pokies evoking the old-school games from Las Vegas. While they’re good for a spot of nostalgia, they rarely get the excitement going. You will often be playing 9 paylines maximum, and you won’t find many bonus rounds included.

7 – Never Bet More Than You Can Afford

Knowing when to stop is key. Online pokies can be addictive (Australia boasts one of the highest rates of pokie-playing in the world) and it’s important to give yourself a stop limit if you’re losing. Just keep an account or bank card dedicated for gambling with, and never go over your weekly budget.

Even if you’re winning, it’s good to take a break. Consider giving yourself a win limit too: a figure you stop gambling at, where you can cash out your winnings and stop playing for the night. It’s easy to become ‘button blind’ and find hours whizzing by where you’ve done nothing but click the ‘Spin’ button.

8 – Make Sure Your Computer Can Hack It

Most top pokies online today work on Flash via your web browser. While that’s great for quick, instant play, having a lousy machine can be the difference between enjoying top games and waiting an age for a game to download.

Make sure your laptop or PC has a good processor and graphics card, and ensure your web connection is solid so you can access those lovely new 3D pokies faster.

9 – Find Great Bonus Features

Most modern online pokies feature bonus rounds. These are special features triggered by landing, typically, three or more Scatter icons anywhere on the reels. Look for pokies with bonus rounds that appeal to you. If you love free spins, hunt out games where the free spins can be retriggered; if you prefer interactive rounds with multiple levels, make sure the payouts are worth the effort.

10 – Take Advantage of a Welcome Bonus

Wherever you play pokies, getting a good deposit bonus can multiply your winnings massively.

When you sign up with a top Internet casino and make a first deposit, you can play your favourite games and earn free cash back from the casino.

Make sure you check the Ts & Cs of the welcome bonus first to see if they allow pokies to contribute toward your bonus amount, and how much gambling you’ll have to do to trigger the free cash. Some sites allow 100% of pokies play to go towards a ‘play-through’ amount; other casinos may allow much less.

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