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Mermaids Millions Pokies Review

The Little Mermaid may have wanted to break free from her underwater prison and walk with the real people, but if you're looking for that sort of power in our Mermaids Millions online pokies review then you're out of luck. The aquatic queens featured in this Microgaming casino title are only interested in one thing: money. Uncovering lost treasure chests and cracking open clams is the aim of the game when you ante-up and start spinning the reels in this virtual slot.


This may not be an official Disney slot, but the cartoony graphics definitely seem to recall Ariel and her undersea friends. Reel icons include seahorses, lobsters, starfish, jewels and pearls, as well as a mermaid and her father.

The graphics are simple, bright and colourful, and they really do look nice. There are some little win animations to enjoy too. There's not a whole lot in the way of background music or sound effects to enjoy, which would have helped to create a more engaging slot.

You have to give some kudos to the designers of Mermaid's Millions – they've come up with a slot that, even several years after its release, looks really nice.


There are only 15 lines but, even despite this, it feels like players do clock up plenty of wins during standard play. Of course, some of these wins are quite low and only serve to limit losses.

But, hit some of the bigger reel icons in a line and you might be surprised at how big you can win during standard play – just four seahorses, for example, are worth several times your original bet.

There are also two bonus rounds to uncover when playing Mermaid's Millions. The first is a round of 10 free spins with a 3x multiplier, which can make for a healthy profit, and the second is the treasure bonus round. Three or more treasure bonus symbols on an active payline trigger a bonus round where you pick from several treasure chests in search of extra wins.

A word of caution: we were playing at Sky Vegas and, on more than one occasion, didn't see this round being triggered when we landed three bonus symbols on (what we're pretty sure was) a payline. This may have just been a glitch with that particular casino though.

The bonus rounds are nothing particularly out of the ordinary but, when they do work, they can really boost your bankroll...or at least help cut your losses down to a more manageable size.

With a maximum bet of just a few AUD, Mermaid's Millions is hardly one for the high rollers but with a minimum coin size of 1 cent, it's very well suited to players who prefer to play with just pennies per spin.

Added Value

It's not that Mermaid's Millions is a bad slot. In fact, if you're a Disney fan, you're probably going to really like this one. However, fairly average bonus rounds and a maximum jackpot that's not earth shatteringly high means that there's not a whole lot to make you fall in love with this slot.

As we mentioned above, it does work very well on mobile devices but isn't too intensive in terms of graphics etc. If your smartphone is getting old, this might be a good one to consider until you get around to upgrading.


While this simple slot, with its cartoon reel icons and animations, will appeal to fans of Disney movies it's unlikely that most players will fall in love with this title – the jackpot isn't particularly high and there are only 15 paylines. The dedicated bonus round isn't bad, with 10 free spins and a 3x multiplier, but there's no guarantee that this will be enough to keep you coming back for more unless you get lucky and see some decent returns from a bonus round. There's also a treasure bonus round that might help you net some extra cash. This game is OK, but it won't charm everyone.