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Hot Ink Online Pokies Review

If you're a fan of Miami Ink and shows of that ilk then check out our Hot Ink pokies review. Using the motif of classic tattoo imagery, this visually stimulating game boasts an extremely generous payline system as well as a great bonus game. Indeed, while Hot Ink online pokies for real money might not possess a progressive jackpot to rival some of the industry's biggest titles, its ability to offer a bevy of incremental wins is something both novice and seasoned pokies players will appreciate.


When we first set out to review the Hot Ink slot machine we were a little taken aback by the images the developers have crammed into a single screen. Although not excessive, the size and styling of each icon does make it somewhat tricky to decipher all the necessary information upon first inspection.

Fortunately, once you've enjoyed a few revolutions of this pokies online game you'll find the boldness of each symbol as actually a benefit rather than a hindrance. Indeed, whether you're playing free or Hot Ink online pokies for real money, the key to success is clarity and whether you're winning or not, the proportions of this game certainly help make it all a lot easier to follow.

In terms of the betting bar, the designers have maintained the overall theme of the game and ensured that each button has the same look as the main platform. While this may seem like an obvious design feature for many seasoned players, it's actually the case that many online casino pokies overlook this intricate but important design feature.


Once you've looked past the tattoo parlour imagery you'll find that Hot Ink online pokies plays very much like any other game, but with one major difference: its paylines. If there's one aspect of our Hot Ink pokies review that sticks out more than any other it's the 1,024 paylines this game offers. Unlike many titles which offer a more standard 25 betting lines, this game offers more options that almost any game on currently on the market.

To complement this plethora of paylines is a decent range of coin options (from 0.01 to 0.25) as well as a maximum betting limit of 500 coins. For all these options there's a top jackpot of 1,000 coins and a secondary payout of 750 coins.

Although these jackpots are markedly smaller than some games, the ability to accrue smaller wins over a large number of paylines helps to offset this. Moreover, we got the impression during our review of Microgaming's Hot Ink casino slot machine that it's a game novice players will enjoy. Often times it's the feeling of winning spin which keeps players entertained rather than the size and this is one front Hot Ink delivers on.

Added Value

Although the main jackpot is only 1,000 coins, the bonus feature containing within the Hot Ink slot machine does give you the ability to win up to 100,000 coins. Although this is rare and requires and accumulation of bonuses, it's still possible to bank a six-figure sum by playing this game.

The other area of added value you found when playing real money Hot Ink online pokies was the re-spin feature. An incentive common across a lot of Microgaming titles, this option basically shows a re-spin value below each reel after a player makes a spin.

Using this, players can pay the amount below any one of the reels and have that reel spun again keeping all others fixed. This then gives players a chance to make additional winning combinations. On top of being available after spins, this feature is available after re-spins; however, you will lose the option if you change your betting parameters.