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Fisticuffs Pokies Review

If you're after a good looking game that won't take you too long to trigger a bonus round, look no further than Fisticuffs. And with a hefty jackpot of 100,000 coins, it's not too shabby on the prize front either.

Two different types of wilds that occur fairly frequently make it seem like this game should be a knockout, but we wanted to put a bit more effort into figuring out whether this game is truly worthy of the championship belt or if it deserves to get knocked out in the first round.


A pokies title based in an old timey boxing ring might sound like a bit of an off the wall idea, but it actually looks and plays very nicely.

The retro animations and graphics sit somewhere between the funny papers and cartoons for grown-ups, and the vintage piano riffs over the noise of baying crowds really help to set the tone.

The fonts, characters and reel icons look fantastic and wouldn't look out of place in a hipster tattoo parlour. In a world full of cluttered, dated and downright ugly pokies, Fisticuffs really does deserve a prize for its beautiful, elegant


You might well balk at the fact that Fisticuffs has just 10 lines – there are other 5-reel slots with far more ways to win – but wilds do appear quite often, so that makes the situation a little better.

Even though players win both ways, i.e. from right to left as well as left to right, it still feels like wins don't come all that often. Unless you're lucky enough to encounter a few bonus re-spins to pad your bankroll, you might find yourself burning through cash pretty quickly playing Fisticuffs.

Because there isn't really a dedicated bonus round featuring free spins or huge multipliers, this game does feel more like one that you'd play for a fairly short space of time rather than plugging away at it for hours on end. If you've only got ten minutes or so to play, you might actually consider that to be a good thing.

And, keeping the game's "pick up and play" style in mind, you might like to know that there's a mobile version that you can happily pass some time playing while you're on the bus, train or grabbing some lunch.

Added Value

Although the game looks great and has a decent jackpot, we have to be honest here and say that there isn't a whole lot in the way of added value to keep players coming back for more.

The game is fun to try and, if your bankroll is getting low, you stand a decent chance of getting a wild re-spin fairly quickly; that alone makes it worth a go as being able to walk away with a decent win after a bad session playing online pokies is always a good thing.

Other than that, and the fact that the game does have a fairly large jackpot to play for, there's not quite enough to set Fisticuffs apart from all the other 5-reel slots out there.


We had such high hopes for Fisticuffs but, while the game looks fantastic and offers wins from right to left as well as left to right, a shortage of bonus features means that this game starts to feel a bit boring (and potentially expensive) pretty quickly. It's not a bad one to pick up to kill a bit of time every now and then, but don't expect to spend hours spinning the reels on Fisticuffs and enjoy every minute of it. That's an even bigger shame because the jackpot stands at 100,000 coins, which is not bad at all for a NetEnt game.