Play Jack Hammer Slot!

Jack Hammer Pokies Review

Listen good, wise guy. It's time to grab your fedora and hit the streets with Jack Hammer, see? That's right – Jack Hammer is an old fashioned detective, and this slot invites you to join him on a case.

There are some nifty features to help boost your bankroll and a jackpot of 250,000 coins up for grabs, so this is one case we think any PI would jump at the chance to take.


Jack Hammer's comic book style graphics and noir theme still look pretty good even though the game has been around for a while now. There's not much in the way of animations, which is a shame, but the game is still a treat to look at.

The storyline is pretty vague, with Jack Hammer on a mission to stop the evil Dr Wuten from blowing up Grand City. There are no cinematics or anything like that, but it's still quite evocative and it makes a change from all the fruit themed slots out there!

The game has a couple of jazzy riffs that kick in when you win and some background music during the free spins bonus round but, other than that, the sounds aren't much to write home about. Some city ambience – police sirens, cats wailing, street noise etc. ­– to help set the noir mood would be nice but it's nowhere to be found unfortunately.


One neat feature of Jack Hammer is its Sticky Wins functionality – wins trigger a re-spin but hold the symbols that triggered the win in place, offering players a chance to boost the value of their prize. This can, effectively, mean that you might get three or four spins for the price of one.

Even though there are 25 lines, wins don't feel like they come all that often and are often worth less than your original bet. With that in mind, Jack Hammer often feels like you're racing to the bonus round before your bankroll runs out.

With up to 30 free spins (not bad, eh?) and a 3x multiplier, the bonus round is where players really stand to make some money. In fact, that's where the jackpot of a quarter of million coins is most readily available.

Added Value

Between the Sticky Wins feature, plenty of wilds and a great free spins bonus round, there are lots of ways to win with Jack Hammer. The game may not be progressive, but it still feels like you're chasing the jackpot.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, as plonking a few dollars down and ending up in the bonus round is a great feeling, but it means that you might find yourself burning through your bankroll if you play for a long time. If you're still trying to see what we mean, give Jack Hammer a shot in free play mode first.

Experimenting with the different bet levels and coin sizes will let you see how long the sort of cash you're planning to spend would last before you deposit and start playing for real. Jack Hammer is fun enough that we're pretty sure you'll still want to do just that!


Mega Joker is definitely one of those titles that you'll either love or hate. It really is a throwback to titles of yesteryear, reminiscent of fruit machines even though it has no hold or nudge options, but with a couple of twists. The game's extra set of reels, known as the supermeter, and a randomly triggered progressive jackpot drag the game (kicking and screaming!) into the 21st century, but a low standard jackpot means that this is one you're unlikely to stick with unless you get a kick out of wagering your winnings on spinning the supermeter. Not bad overall, but a niche title for sure.