Voila Online Pokies Guide

Despite having a distinctly French feel to this game you can rest assured that our review of the Voila online pokies won't be in the same vein. Indeed, not only are we not fluent enough in French to be able to do such a thing but to do such a thing would restrict the appeal of the game. Indeed, while the designers have chosen to base their slot machine theme (and name) on France, the international language of online pokies certainly isn't lost on this game. With five reels, hundreds of win lines and a healthy range of betting options, there is a lot to like about this Microgaming pokies title regardless of where you live.


Despite the lack of sound effects, the animations and romantic styling of free Voila online pokies make it an interesting game to play. From the Café symbol with girls drinking coffee to pigeons fluttering about, there's a lot of detail in both the foreground and background of this game. This blend of static symbols and dynamic imagery is capped off by a shower of gold coins that rains down every time you hit a big win. This kind of detailing may not be the end of the road when it comes to a complete video slot, but it's certainly a necessary accompaniment to sound gameplay and generous jackpots.


In total Voila pokies has 243 paylines which are automatically activated when you begin spinning its five reels. On top of this the maximum wager a player is permitted to make is 20 coins per spin with denominations ranging from 0.01 to 0.20.

The Voila Logo is the wild symbol and it offers the highest fixed jackpot as well as multiplier when it helps to form a winning combination. Interestingly the multiplier isn't fixed and instead it will randomly take a value of 2X, 3X or 4X.

Beyond the standard mechanics of Voila pokies for real money, a bonus game is opened up by the scatter symbols, which in this case is the Bonus Logo. When two or more of Bonus Logos land on the reels the player receives scatter payouts and if they bank three or more scatter symbols a free spins is triggered. At this point 20 free spins are awarded and all payouts are doubled.

Added Value

One of the main positives we found during our review of Voila online pokies is that it can be played in Expert Mode. This feature allows you to preset your betting options and watch as the reels do their thing. The advantage of playing in this way is that it's less hassle and markedly faster than manual play. The key to making money from online pokies is to stick to your bankroll and play as many hands as possible. One of the best ways to increase you spin rate, and therefore win rate, is by using Expert Mode.