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Tomb Raider Pokies Review

Based on the original video game, not the Angelina Jolie movie or the recent PS4 remakes, this slot brings the aesthetic of the now vintage Tomb Raider games to online pokies.

There are some nice bonus features but, with a jackpot of only a few thousand coins, can it really compete with newer slots and progressive games that are now on the market?


Tomb Raider's reel icons features all of the imagery you'd expect – creepy statues, tigers, ancient trinkets and, of course, the lovely Lara Croft herself. The remaining 10, J, Q, K and A symbols are written in the same font as the game's title, which is a nice bit of consistency.

In general, the visuals are crisp and clear. We'd always prefer this to visuals that try to do too much and just end up making the game look cluttered or a mess. There's not much background music, except for a short flute riff that kicks in when players win, but ambient tomb sound effects add to the game's immersive quality.

While the game looks nice enough, and has a certain vintage charm, it's starting to show its age a bit now; Lara Croft has been totally revamped in recent years and no longer looks anything like the heroine of this pokie. Still, sometimes it can be fun to get a blast from the past!


With 15 paylines and some wilds thrown into the mix, Tomb Raider plays like a lot of other 5-reel slots out there. It's very simple to pick up and play, but that shallow learning curve might put some experienced pokies players off the game.

If you're finding the paylines a bit lacking, we should probably mention that Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword – the sequel to this title – has double the number of the original Tomb Raider slot.

The bonus round offers players a chance to pad their bankroll with a few thousand coins, but most will be crossing their fingers for a big win during the free spins bonus round. And, with 10 free spins and a 3x multiplier throughout, it's possible to do very well out of a bonus round.

With a base jackpot of 7,500 coins, you're probably not going to be able to retire on your winnings from Tomb Raider, but you might bag yourself enough for a vacation or something.

Added Value

For a slots title based on a video game, you might expect there to be something in the way of mini-games, extra features or even a storyline to Tomb Raider. Unfortunately, you won't find any of these here.

While the bonus rounds are good enough, they're not so special that you're going to be willing to sink hours of time and lots of AUD into the game to get to them. Although, to be fair, we encountered both bonus rounds in a relatively short space of playing time.

The game is enjoyable enough to play, and it's a good low variance slot, but there's just nothing out of the ordinary here that's going to keep you coming back time after time.


More modern incarnations of Lara Croft may not look much like the Tomb Raider that appears in this slot, but this will bring back memories for slots fans who used to play the classic games on their PlayStation or PS2. Unfortunately, with only 15 paylines, no mini-games and a fairly modest jackpot of 7,500 coins, there's not a lot here to keep players coming back; nostalgia can only attract players for so long. Still, it's worth sticking around until you hit a bonus round so you can enjoy 10 free spins with a 3x multiplier.