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Wild Catch Online Pokies Guide

Catching a fish in the online poker world refers to the process of hooking a weak player and exploiting them for as much money as possible and that's also the aim of Microgaming's Wild Catch slot machine. Pitched as next generation video slot complete with all the trimmings, this title takes the theme of casting your net (or money in this case) as wide as possible with the hope of catching a whooper (or 7,500X jackpot in this instance).


When you're playing Wild Catch pokies for real money, the styling of this game will appeal to you if you're a fan of sport fishing. Complete with cartoon catches, shiny trophies and smiling anglers, the iconography present in this game is certainly consistent with its title.

During our review of Wild Catch pokies online we were extremely impressed with the clarity of the game. The layout of the reels and the uncluttered background make it an extremely easy platform to read. On top of that you're able to see exactly how many ways you have to win thanks to the tags at the side of the betting board (if you activate every payline you'll have 243 ways to make some money).

Overall the look and feel of Wild Catch online pokies is slick. The simple yet effective interface gives you just enough engagement but not so much that you get lost in a matrix of flashing images and forget about the task at hand: making money.


Earlier in our guide to Wild Catch pokies we mentioned that there's up to 243 ways to win in this game and this sea of opportunity is spread across a total of five reels. The betting bar starts at $0.30 which may be slightly prohibitive for small stakes players, but with a jackpot worth 7,500X you stake on offer it's worth stretching your budget.

For experienced spinners the maximum wager is $150 which means you can win an extremely large amount of cash (over $1 million) if you're fortunate to spin in five trophy symbols. As well as the standard wins, unlocked by the fishing themed symbols (the weighing scale, a squid, the fishing boat and trophy) the swordfish icon acts as this game's wild.

Rolling in three swordfish symbols will trigger a mini-free spins round where you'll win five spins as well as a 3X multiplier. On top of this, you’ll be awarded one extra spin every time you land a winning combination (including the wild swordfish) which means this mini-game can be extremely lucrative.

Added Value

If you're looking for a touch more value in our guide to Wild Catch pokies then look no further than the game's scatter feature. Stocked with a plethora of free spins, this bonus feature is available when you roll in three, four or five of the fisherman/lifebuoy scatters. For each combination of scatters you'll win an increasing amount of free spins: 10, 15 or 20.

When this feature starts you have a 1X multiplier, but for every winning combo you create that contains a wild the multiplier will be increased by one. The highest possible multiplier available is 10X; however, this is a rare occurrence. Nonetheless, Wild Catch free spins are a great additional feature and one of the main points that tipped the scales in favour of this game.