Play Jurassic Park Slot!

Jurassic Park Pokies Review

Here's a slot that's bound to see a resurgence in popularity after the release of Jurassic World. No Chris Pratt in this one, we're afraid, but it's a wonderful nostalgia trip back to the original film of the '90s.

With a jackpot of just under 100,000 coins and several different free spins bonus rounds, there's a lot to keep players coming back. Ready to enter Jurassic Park? *plays theme music*


Because it's an officially licensed slot, Jurassic Park pokies contain official video clips and sound effects from the movie of the same name. The result is that this slot is seriously beautiful to behold.

From the dinosaurs on the reels to the rolling background shots of the park's jungles, Microgaming have taken care of every little detail to create a game with some serious atmosphere.

And then there's that distinctive score music we all know and love. Throw in some dinosaur sound effects, and you've got one immersive game. But, of course, it doesn't matter how great a game looks and sounds unless it's fun to play. Fortunately, Jurassic Park fits that description quite nicely.


Jurassic Park has 243 ways to win and players will experience lots of small, regular wins. It sounds funny to say, but the game really does capture the tension of the film with the way Tyrannosaurus Rex alert mode can strike at any time.

The jackpot up for grabs is worth 95,000 coins, which is not too shabby, and all those extra wilds (particularly during the T-Rex alert mode) means it does always feel like it's within reach.

The bonus rounds are fantastic, with wild reels, multiplier wilds (up to 6x) and split wilds cropping up depending on which dinosaur mode you enter. Once you've been awarded 25 free spin bonus rounds, you'll be able to choose your favourite mode so it's worth taking notes about which is your favourite.

The game is available on mobiles too, but you might find that this doesn't really do justice to the game's good looks. We definitely prefer playing on desktop.

Added Value

Even though the jackpot isn't particularly huge, we find ourselves coming back to this slot time and time again. There are some fantastic bonus rounds to enjoy (especially once you're able to choose the feature you prefer) and the T-Rex alert mode is always a wonderful surprise when it strikes.

You might grow tired of the cinematic pop outs and the film's signature music if you play for long enough, but we haven't yet. The theme song still brings a smile every time we hear it, although maybe that's just because we've come to associate it with winning!

All in all, this remains one of the best looking pokies around even after being around for a few years, and fans of Jurassic World as well as the original movie are sure to enjoy it.


It's not often that a game draws you in to the extent that Jurassic Park does. With clips from the film, a "live" jungle background and custom reel icons featuring dinosaurs from the park, this game is about as close as you can get to taking a trip to Jurassic Park. There's a beefy non-progressive jackpot on the table, 243 ways to win and different bonus rounds featuring everything from 6x wild multipliers to split wilds and wild reels. Whether or not you're a big fan of the film/book series, this is a great looking slot that's a lot of fun to play...just be careful not to burn through your bankroll too quickly hunting that T-Rex.