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Starburst Pokies Review

A NetEnt game with a jackpot of 50,000 coins and an interesting rework of how wild symbols traditionally work, Starburst is a great looking slot that's easy to play but potentially very lucrative if you get lucky. That's probably why it's one of NetEnt's most popular titles!

Although this is very straightforward game, great for those new to pokies to cut their teeth on before trying more complicated games, there's also enough to hold the interest of those who have been a fan of slots for a long time.


Starburst has a bright, sparkling theme that looks very modern and is also reminiscent of the popular mobile game Bejeweled (which now has its own slots title).

Its clean, clear layout will be very attractive to beginners who are still getting to grips with how online slots work as well as players who appreciate a game without lots of unnecessary complications.

There's nothing particularly special about the graphics or sound effects – there's actually very little in the way of fancy animations – but the game runs smoothly and there's enough motion to keep the eye interested.


With just 10 lines it would be easy to think that wins are hard to come by in Starburst. In fact, in our experience, that's not true at all; big wins are encountered quite often, particularly when you're playing with the maximum number of coins.

The Starburst Wild, which expands over a reel and remains in place for up to 3 free re-spins, is a fun new take on standard wild symbols and can result in some seriously big wins. If you're unlucky though, it can result in winning nothing at all...

There's no bonus round to chase in Starburst, which makes it easier to pick up and stop playing than other slots in some respects. When playing some pokies you feel as if you're trying to stay alive until you reach the bonus round so you can recoup any losses.

That's not the case here as, for the most part, wins feel more evenly spread out. This makes Starburst an excellent choice for players who can only hit the pokies for a short while, such as a lunch break or to kill some time before going out. If you'd prefer to play while you're on the move, a mobile version is available.

Added Value

IThe game may only have 10 lines but it also offers players the chance to win both ways, i.e. from right to left as well as left to right, which significantly improves the odds of a win on every spin.

You might want to spend a little time on Starburst in its free play mode to get an inkling of how often you can expect a payout at each betting level. It's true that this is an inexact science, and will never translate perfectly to your experience when you decide to play for real money, but it should give you a rough idea.

It would be nice to see a true bonus round added to the game, but the possibility of up to 3 re-spins every time a Starburst Wild appears provides plenty of opportunity to win. Still, without a bonus round to chase, some players might find the gameplay a little repetitive.


Ok, so it doesn't have the greatest jackpot out there and there aren't all that many paylines to take advantage of, but this is a great looking slot and the Starburst Wild offers an interesting alternative to traditional wilds and bonus rounds. One of the results of this unique style of play is that Starburst is a game that's easy to jump in and out of, and is just as well-suited to killing a few minutes here and there as it is a long gambling session. It won't be for everyone, but we think it's definitely worth checking out.