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Fruit Shop Pokies Review

This may have a fruity theme, but multiplying wilds and a free spinning bonus round means that it's a far cry from the 3-reel fruit machines you'll find in some pubs.

There's also a jackpot of close to 100,000 coins to aim for, which means that NetEnt's Fruit Shop has got to be worth a look. If only it counted as one of your five a day...


Fruit Shop has a bright, crisp theme that features all of the usual suspects (A, K, Q, J, 10) on its reels along with cherries, lemons, watermelons and other fruits.

There are no animations, fancy graphics or cinematic intros, but does there really need to be? If we're being honest, it's pretty hard to imagine anyone being able to come up with a compelling storyline involving fruit.

There's no background music, except during the bonus rounds, other than a little jingle that kicks in after a winning spin. All in all, it seems like Fruit Shop is all about keeping it simple. And it works very well for it – the game is VERY easy to play but has enough complexity to keep you coming back.


Rather than a standard bonus round, Fruit Shop instead allocates you a certain number of free spins (between 1 and 5) with a 2x multiplier when you win by matching fruits. There's also the possibility of re-triggering extra free spins with fruity wins during a bonus round.

This is an interesting take on the bonus round, as it means that it doesn't feel like you're ever chasing a bonus for hour after hour like you do in some games. In fact, we came out of a free spin round and ended up going right back into another one after triggering a win.

The game has 15 lines, which isn't as high as some other pokies around, but it's not bad either. For the most part, it doesn't feel as if you ever go too long without a win. Also, players can bet anywhere between a few cents or more than 100 AUD per spin, so this really is a very flexible title.

The maximum jackpot stands at 80,000 coins and, if you're feeling the urge to get fruity while you're out and about, there's a mobile version to try too.

Added Value

The real value of Fruit Shop comes from its free spins, which really do feel like they can strike at any time. It's not unusual to completely replenish your bankroll or make a tidy profit with a run of free spins, even if you've been having bad luck until that point.

There are enough wilds, lines and multipliers to make Fruit Shop fun but, to be honest, we see this more as a title that you can drop into, play for a while and then leave rather than one you'd play for hours on end. Still, it's definitely one that's worth checking out.


No traditional bonus round and very simple graphics that will feel very familiar if you've ever played on pub fruit machines mean that Fruit Shop is a game you'll probably either love or hate. It's easy to jump in and play for a few minutes without feeling like you're compromising on jackpot size – Fruit Shop's is worth almost 100,000 coins – but it's difficult to shake the feeling that this slot was designed with mobile players in mind. As such, you might find that playing it on a desktop feels like a bit of a waste when there are much flashier slots out there.