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Mega Joker Pokies Review

Playing one pokies title at a time not enough? Play two at once with Mega Joker! Ok, so it's not two games exactly, but it does give you the chance to win or go for broke and gamble your winnings using the supermeter.

It's possible to play for just a few cents per spin and there's a maximum jackpot of 2,000 coins, plus a random progressive jackpot to spice things up.


The theme of Mega Joker is part Las Vegas glitz and glamour, part 3-reel fruit machine that you'd find in your local pub. It's an odd combination but it sort of works, and makes for some fast-paced action and some difficult decisions.

The sounds and visuals, such as the animations of the reels spinning, are very authentic. If you squint a bit, you could probably start to convince yourself that you're playing down at your local pub rather than in the comfort of your own home.

There's no background music, except for a bleepy tune that accompanies any wins, so there's not exactly much in the way of ambience. However, we get the feeling that this game is designed more at players who like their games to have a certain retro quality.


With only five lines and four buttons, the basics of Mega Joker couldn't be simpler to grasp. Players place their bet and spin the reels and cross their fingers for a win.

You can then choose whether to collect your winnings or bet them in supermeter mode, spinning the second set of reels above the main three. In this section prizes are much bigger, so it's worth gambling those wins every now and then. The maximum jackpot available in the supermeter section is worth a couple of thousand coins.

Mega Joker also has a progressive jackpot, to the tune of thousands of coins, that can be randomly awarded to any player at any time! The more you play and the more you bet, the better your chances of winning.

If you love interactive mini-games and fancy 3D graphics, Mega Joker isn't the game for you. But, if you enjoy the aspect of gambling wins in pursuit of a bigger jackpot, you'll probably love the stripped back style of Mega Joker.

Added Value

The supermeter mode is a fun idea but we have to say that, in our experience at least, wins when using it came pretty rarely.

The progressive jackpot is a nice touch in terms of adding value beyond the standard game mode but, if progressive jackpots are that important to you, there are much bigger jackpots to be found elsewhere.

Mega Joker is a well put together little game. However, while its simplicity might appeal to some people, we don’t think there's enough going on to keep most players coming back. Still, it's always worth giving games like this a try as they can provide a nice break from more hectic, cluttered video slots.


Mega Joker has the look and feel of a classic pokies game, it’s just missing the nudge feature that you’ll find on classic fruit machines. It’s so much more than that though. Thanks to the careful addition of additional reels and the progressive jackpot, this is a solid modern-day pokies experience. Mega Joker isn’t a game that’s adored by everyone, but when you like it you really like it! The supermeter feature is a lot of fun, but a lower jackpot keeps this from being the go-to pokies game for Aussie players. It’s a decent title, but generally not the game that will bring players into a casino.