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The Sopranos Pokies Review

"Those who want respect, give respect." That's one of our favourite Tony Soprano quotes, and one of the few that can be repeated in polite company.

We always try to be respectful in our reviews, but you can rest assured that what follows is an unbiased and impartial review of The Sopranos slot...even if we are a little afraid of getting whacked if we give it a low score!


The Sopranos referred to in the title of this game aren't singers with high voices, but the mobsters of the television show with the same name. Thought we better get that cleared up in case any music fans thought they were in for a treat.

And, sure enough, this slot does a great job of paying homage to the show for which it's named. Reel icons feature characters from the series – Tony, Paulie, Bobby, Christopher, Johnny and Artie – plus cigars, poker chips, bottles of wine etc. Players can also expect to enjoy video clips, sound effects and so on pulled straight from the show.

The background music is the same sort of low-key atmospheric fare that appears in the show, and it too helps to set the mood perfectly. You almost want to put on your best suit and light up a Robusto every time you play.


There's nothing overly fancy or complicated about The Sopranos slot; 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 paylines. The slot is just as accessible to video pokies newbies as it is to old pros who've been at this for years.

If you're feeling like a made man, you can bet hundreds of AUD on a single spin. If your bankroll isn't quite that high (yet!), you can bet as low as a few cents per spin.

At 3,000 coins, the base jackpot leaves a lot to be desired. Sure, you wouldn't turn it down, but there are much higher jackpots available on games that feed players just as many wins as this one does.

The jackpot may not be huge but the range of rewarding and exciting free spins bonus rounds – where players receive anywhere between 10 and 25 free spins as well as extra wilds and/or a multiplier of between 2x and 5x – more than make up for it.

Plus there's a variety of other bonus features to enjoy that kick in randomly during standard play. Our favourite is the raid bonus, during which players must choose safe places to hide their ill-gotten gains! These often help to pad a bankroll that's been depleted during standard play.

Added Value

If you're a big fan of The Sopranos or mob movies, you're definitely going to want to give this game a look. The bonus features are a fun break from standard play, and hit just the right note.

Once you've played long enough to unlock the Family free games mode, you know you're going to pull in some serious cash with 10 free spins featuring only wilds, scatter bonuses and family members.

The Sopranos really is a lot of fun to play and we're sure that most Aussie pokies fans will love it, even if they've never seen the show.


The jackpot isn't as high as in other games, standing at just a few thousand coins, but we have no doubt that Sopranos fans will still want to pay their respects and check out this game. There are a few different bonus features, including rounds of free spins and randomly triggered bonus rounds. The game features custom reel icons of all the show's characters and often shows clips from the show, and there's no denying that it looks great, but the jackpot may not be high enough to hold the attention of most players.