Play Playboy Slot!

Playboy Pokies Review

Better get the kids to leave the room before booting up this one, folks! It's time to hit the Playboy Club for a slot title that's a little bit racy.

There are plenty of wins to be had, including a hefty jackpot in excess of 1 million coins, but we can't help but feel that this title could have been so much more if it had been given a bit of extra development time.


First things first, there's not quite as much nudity as you might expect – funnily enough, that's actually in line with Playboy's recent decision not to feature any more nude spreads in their magazine – with the exception of a racy shot at the start of the bonus round as you unlock more bonus features.

There's a gentleman's club vibe going on here, with reel icons that feature expensive watches, poker chips, cigars, whiskey and the like. Of course, there are also some suggestive shots of illustrated ladies (well, it is Playboy after all) who come to life when you get a win.

This theme continues into the free spins bonus round, or the Playboy Club as it's known in the game. It all works well enough but it's just not particularly inspiring. Take the background music, for example. It's jazzy and fits the bill, but it's pretty bland and we certainly can't imagine it cracking the charts any time soon.


This plays like most other 5-reel Microgaming titles, which is not a bad thing. One nice touch is that the Playboy symbol is not only wild but also doubles wins, which can make for some decent cash prizes even during standard play.

But, despite there being 243 ways to win, it didn't feel like we were winning all that often when playing the Playboy slot. It seems highly likely to us that this is a pretty high variance slot, and most players will be chasing the huge jackpot.

The bonus rounds are definitely exciting, particularly as you unlock Sofia, Ashley and Jillian (who come with more free spins and better features/multipliers), but it can feel a little bit like you're just chasing these bonus rounds.

The gameplay of the Playboy slot is not terrible by any means, but it's not quite as exciting as you might be hoping either.

Added Value

If you do find that you enjoy the Playboy slot, it's worth sticking with because of the options you unlock after 5, 10 and 15 triggers of the bonus feature. Rounds of free spins with Sofia, Ashley or Jillian can be excellent, but it might take you a fair bit of playing time before you get there.

We can't help but feel that Microgaming missed a trick with the Playboy slot – using Playboy bunnies, footage of real Playboy clubs around the world and the story behind the magazine could have given this title a fascinating "behind the scenes" feel.

Instead, it feels like "just another Microgaming slot" and you probably won't be back too often unless you experience a big win.


Because both Playboy and gambling usually have luxury and adult activities, although of a very different nature(!), at their core the two seem to go hand in hand. Unfortunately, despite a large jackpot of more than 1 million coins, racy reel icons, lots of different ways to win and multiple unlockable bonus features, Playboy never really gets going in the way that we hoped it might. Bonus rounds can be very lucrative, and offer a bit of cheeky fun, but this slot doesn't really do enough to differentiate itself from other luxe games. It's not a bad game, by any means, though and the jackpot is high enough that this is one you might find yourself coming back to.