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Jason and the Golden Fleece Pokies Guide

Winning a golden fleece and slaying mythical beasts might not be on the agenda when you ante-up at this Microgaming slot game, but winning money certainly is. Indeed, Jason and the Golden Fleece online pokies for real money is not only well stocked with free spins, bonuses and cash prizes but a myriad of characters. Neatly packaged in a simple yet attractive interface, this game may not have the allure of some of the online casino industry's progressive jackpot behemoths, but it certainly delivers in terms of playability and profitability.


As you'd expect from an online casino review of Jason and the Golden Fleece pokies, the dominate theme running through this game is Greek mythology. Led by Jason, your mission is to journey through a dangerous world of creatures and perilous pitfalls in search of cash. As slot machine themes go this one works extremely well and throughout our Jason and the Golden Fleece pokies review we found ourselves constantly engaged. Indeed, the parallels between searching for jackpots and searching for a mythical Golden Fleece were not only striking but highly entertaining.

In terms of its overall look, the Jason and the Golden Fleece free slot game (and its real money counterpart) was extremely clear. Well defined reels and paylines make the action east to follow and the outside detailing (the view from a ship) helps frame the game in a slick way.


With five reels and 25 paylines on offer you don't need to read our guide to Jason and the Golden Fleece online pokies to appreciate that there's a lot of scope for making money within this game. For novice players the smallest wager per spin is just $0.01 and for those with more of a bankroll the betting limit can be pushed to $150. This range of options is fantastic and one of the reasons this game is loved by players across the online pokies community.

Aside from a jackpot that pays 80X your wager, there is a mini bonus game which is triggered by rolling in three, four or five Jason and the Golden Fleece logos. If you spin these in anywhere on the reels you'll get 10 free spins as well as a 3X multiplier on any wins during these gratis rotations.

Moreover, the nice thing about the Jason and the Golden Fleece slot machine’s free spins round is that you can re-trigger more pokies spins by rolling in additional scatter symbols. On top of this, you can also unlock the main bonus round, Jason's Journey Bonus, during the mini game.

Added Value

As referenced earlier in our Jason and the Golden Fleece online pokies guide, this title contains a major bonus game and we've called it a "major bonus game" for one reason: there are six different options. Unlike other online pokies which have a single bonus option, you're able to take Jason on six different bonus quests. Each quest has a different prize, but regardless of which one you hit you'll find a treasure trove of riches flowing your way:

Iolcus Shield Bonus – Pick six shields (from 12 options) to reveal cash prizes.

Mysia Harpy Bonus – Match four of the same elements to win a various multiplier bonus.

Symplegades Shipwreck Bonus - Pick an item and keep the prize or return it for a chance of something bigger (only two swaps allowed).

Crete Wheel Bonus - Spin the Wheel of Talos and get guaranteed cash rewards.

Sirenum Card Bonus – Play a higher or lower card game – try to reach the fourth card for an extra bonus.

Potion Bonus – Try to put the dragon to sleep by mixing a powerful potion; the longer he sleeps the more you win.