Playing Online Casinos: Top 10 Tips

Top 10 Tips

If you've been busy scouring the top Australian casino pages on our site (and well done you if you have, because you'll be 100 percent more on the ball than before you joined us) you should have a good idea of where you want to play, what games you're after, and how you're going to pay for them.

But we're a nice bunch here at, so we've tidied together a few of the top tips you'll need to make the most from your online casino experience. Don't thank us - just fire us a quick email when you're counting that deposit bonus cash. Cheers guys!

1 - Choose Your Games Wisely

Choose Games WiselyPlaying Internet casino sites should be a little more involved than just blindly firing up the laptop and depositing a few bucks onto the first room you happen across. You should be looking at security and safety, of course, but also pay attention to the kinds of web bonuses you're likely to have access to as well. Deposit and welcome bonuses vary from betting site to betting site, but something they all have in common is that you'll have to play through a certain number of games - or wager a certain amount of cash - before you even contemplate getting your hands on that free cash. Make sure, therefore, that you know which games at which site will get you through that bonus quickly. Does your Aussie casino have a good range of slots so you can play a bunch of games and work off that bonus much quicker? Does one casino let you play roulette towards your bonus while another only lets you play blackjack? Do your homework and earn that real-money bonus in no time.

2 - Know The House Odds

House OddsThe house odds of Australian casino games varies massively from game to game, and it's sensible to know your house edges before you start playing. For example, online slots or pokies pay out a lot more than their land-based cousins due to the lower overheads, but each pokie varies from one another too. When it comes to choosing a table game, meanwhile, you'll be amazed at the difference between house edges. For instance, the house edge on American Roulette is around 5.26% because of its double zero slot, whereas European roulette offers the Aussie player a much more favourable 2.7% house edge.

3 - Understand The Gambler's Fallacy

Gamblers FallacyEver played roulette, watched the previous numbers come up, then put a bet down based on what's happened before? Perhaps you've seen 10 red numbers come up so you know - you KNOW - that the next number to come up will be black. It must be, right? Well, sadly not. The gambler's fallacy affects every online casino fan at least once, that belief that if something happens enough times, then it must change eventually. Accept that the shuffling of cards, the spin of the ball, and the spin of the pokie reels, is random, and you'll be much better off in the long run.

4 - Learn Good Bankroll Management

BankrollPlaying live, you know what you're risking. You go to the ATM, take out 100 bucks and hit the blackjack tables. It's easy to keep track of what you've won and lost. However, online, it's easy to forget how many times you've hit the 'Cashier' tab and made Go on a bad run and the first you know about your total losses is when you open your monthly bank statement. So, before you start playing, set aside an amount of AUD just for gambling with, and only bet with a few percent of it at any one time. Even better - set aside a separate bank account for gaming; this way your winnings - or losses - won't get mixed up with your everyday expenditure.

5 - Don't Chase Losses

Don't Chase LossesAs well as good bankroll management, employing a disciplined approach to losing is essential if you want to make it in the long-term. If you go on a bad run at the gaming tables, stop what you're doing, take stock, and immediately drop your stakes. Whatever you do, don't increase your stakes to make up any losses you may have incurred - that way lies ruin! While we're at it, it's worth mentioning that you should ignore systems like the Martingale, which advocates doubling your stakes if you lose, and keep doubling until you win. That's fine if you have a bottomless pot of cash available, but do it wrong and you'll end up looking a right drongo.

6 - Don't Gamble When Tired

TiredJust like driving while tired will see you eventually having a prang and your licence becoming a thing of the past, gambling while tired is a definite no-no: it affects your judgment, you'll make sloppy betting decisions, and in the end, you won't have a clue what profits you've made or losses you've suffered. Online casinos are there 24/7. They're not going anywhere, so turn off the PC, get some sleep, and get started again tomorrow.

7 - Don't Drink And Gamble Online

No drinking and GamblingJust as playing betting games while tired affects your judgement, playing while drinking does something quite magical. Not magical in a good way, of course, but gambling and drinking makes you think you're invincible, that the luck Gods are on your side, and that you can throw chips around with wild abandon, and to hell with the results. But drinking at the casino makes you lose sight of the main goal - to win money! You get sucked in by the action, the lights, the movement, and you could find yourself betting on the unlikely inside bets, hitting on 18 when you should be standing, and even trying out a brand new gambling game that you have absolutely no idea how to play. Stay sober, play sensibly, and you'll soon see the winnings roll in.

8 - Get a Free Feel of The Games

Free PlayThe best thing about online casinos over their land-based cousins is that you can try out a whole range of games without risking any of your hard-earned dollars. Trying games out for free gives you a good feel of betting games you may never have tried before, particularly if they're some of the many wild and wacky variants you get at the best Internet casinos. Once you've got a good idea of a game at your favourite casino online, you can feel comfortable enough to make your first real-money deposit.

9 - Check Out The Promotions

PromotionsThere are so many casinos out there for Australian gamblers online, everyone is after your business. That's good for you - you can shop around much more than, say, five years ago, and by shopping around you can get a great welcome bonus for real AUD. Deposit promos vary from website to website, so check our list of recommended rooms to find a top bonus that works for you.

10 - Play at Reliable, Trusted, Casinos

SecuredWhile the majority of Internet casinos for Aussies are above-board and totally legit, there are rotten apples out there. No one Down Under wants to lose their personal information or worse, their beloved funds, so follow our top links for a trusted, reputable site that has a proven track record and solid gaming reputation.

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