Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide

Online gambling can be a lot of fun, but it’s best once you have some experience with it. New players have to learn how to figure out which game is their favourite, have to learn basic strategy and how the games work in general, and how to pick out the right casino to play at. It takes time to learn all this, but with a bit of practice and research you’ll find the right casino and game for you.

What to Do at Your First Casino:

  • Thoroughly research the quality of the site
  • Make an account and fund it
  • Test out different games for a small amount or for free to find the one you like
  • Learn the rules and mechanics of the game
  • Play for small bets and work your way as you become comfortable
  • Withdraw any winnings that you come upon

Read The Player Guides

The guides below are here to help you with more information on particular aspects of casino gaming in Australia. The team have broken down everything from bonuses and odds to making easy deposits and playing on your mobile device. Click on a topic to get the answers.

Top 10 Tips

Top 10 Tips

A wise gambler will always learn the ins and outs of the trade before they start wagering on a game. Beginners should take a moment to look at these tips in order to get the most bang for your buck.

Bankroll Management

Bankroll Management

Knowing how to effectively manage your bankroll could make all the difference in how much cash you take home. Extend your play time and have more fun by doing things the right way. Trust us, you won’t regret this advice!

Bonus guide

Bonus Guide

Bonuses are a big deal and surely a notable feature of any casino online. They are not all created equal which is why you need to learn their differences and how to use them to your best advantage.

Odds Guide

Odds Guide

At first glance, the odds of any casino game might look confusing. However, the learning curve is actually minimal. By understanding the odds you can make better decisions, win more money and feel confident in your choice of casino operator.

Best and Worst Odds

Best and Worst Odds

If all odds were created equal, gambling might evoke a sense of boredom. Thankfully that’s not the case. Some odds are enticingly awesome and others less so, but payout high amounts to make up for it. Uncover games with best and worst odds now.

Download Guide

Download Guide

Downloadable casino software can bring out the best features of gaming. Hundreds of games to choose from and HD graphics are just the beginning. If you’re undecided about downloading a casino to a PC or mobile, this page is for you.

Deposit guide

Deposit Guide

Australian’s will have plenty of options to choose from when the time comes to make a deposit. Find out what you need to do to start playing for real cash and compare the different payment methods to discover one suited to your needs.

Withdrawal Guide

Withdrawal Guide

Making a withdrawal is a very exciting time and celebrates your hard work and effort on the virtual floor. There are a few things you should know about before you make a withdrawal that could ultimately save you time, energy, and money in the future.

Glossary Guide

Glossary Guide

Before you ante up or take insurance in a game of blackjack, you need to learn about the terminology used in the world of gambling. Grasping this lingo can give you the upper hand and keep you in the know on any popular game.

Jackpot guide

Jackpot Guide

Jackpots can keep any player on the edge of their seat. Before you make your wagers, you’ll want to ensure you’re playing at the right casinos who boast the very best of any jackpot game.

Mobile Gambling Guide

Mobile Gambling

As long as you have a mobile or tablet, and WIFI connection, you can play games on the go. Getting started is relatively easy and only requires you to learn about compatibility and navigation. We’ll help you to get started here.

Mobile Pokies Guide

Mobile Pokies

Pokies are perhaps one of the top games for Australian gamblers. They come in all shapes and sizes, but all have a superior level of non-stop fun. Find out why pokies are such a hit for all kinds of players, and uncover the top sites.

Choosing the Right Game for You

Choosing Right Game

Every player has a different preference when it comes to playing casino games. Some will prefer pokies for their exciting themes and massive prize potential, while others will want to stick with roulette for the simple mechanics and better odds. What you play is completely up to you, but it’s important to take the time to figure out what it is that you like the best and that best fits your play style.

Take your time and try out many different games at free casinos, or while playing for small stakes. Stick with the lowest bets that you can make while you learn which pokies game you like the best, or while you learn the rules of the different roulette variations. The main thing that you have to remember is that most casinos offer a free version of its games, and if you really want to you can take your time and find the game that you like the best. Doing so will help you pick out a casino that has what you’re looking for, and will save you money that you may have wasted on games you simply don’t enjoy.

Getting Started with Real Money

If you aren’t used to playing for real money, it’s important that you take your first few games slowly. It’s easy to lose a lot of money quickly when playing at an online casino, and that’s why you should take steps to ensure that you have the most fun that you can with your money. Make sure that you place bets that you can afford, and that you stay away from games or tables that will waste your full bankroll too quickly. Also take the time to learn how to play a game properly before you start betting any real money on it to maximize your results.

The Most Popular Games

Most Popular Games

Pokies – Pokies is one of the simplest games that you can play at an online casino. To start playing you simply decide on the amount that you would like to bet, and which paylines are active and then you start spinning the reels. If you get a big enough combination of characters in a row you’ll receive a prize payout from the game. If not you’ll lose the amount that you have set as the bet each time that you spin the reel. Some pokies games also have side games that you can play for a bit more variety, and some offer huge progressive jackpots for potentially massive payouts.

Video Poker – In video poker the object of the game is to create the best possible poker hand combination with the cards that you get. In most games you need at least a pair of Jacks in order to win any money. In draw variations of the game you select the cards you want to keep from the five or seven you start with, and spin the reels to see what additional cards you get. Higher hands such as a three of a kind, a two-pair, a straight or a flush, pay out more money than the lowly pair of jacks.

Roulette – Roulette is one of the most popular table games that you’ll encounter as an Australian player, or really anywhere in the world. The game is quite basic, you simply place a bet on a range of numbers or a colour, then wait to see if you chose correctly or not. After you place your bet the dealer, or computer, spins the wheel and a small ball begins jumping from section to section. The ball eventually stops and tells you what the final value is. The only confusing aspect of this game is betting, and once you learn what the different options mean you’ll have an easy time of it.

Blackjack – In Blackjack the object of the game is to get as close to 21 points as possible without going over. A is valued at 1 or 11, face cards are valued at 10 and number cards are the value shown. You’ll begin the game by placing a bet, and you’ll receive two cards. Then you decide to stay and try to get closer to 21 than the dealer with your current cards or you can hit and receive an additional card. If you go over 21 you immediately lose the hand, if not you have to wait until the dealer turns his cards over and plays out his hand to see if you’ve won or not.

Baccarat – In many online casinos baccarat is a popular online game that pits the player against the dealer. You must bet on either the player or the banker winning the hand, or on the two of you tying. It’s generally best to bet on the banker, because he is most likely to win. After you place your bet the players two cards are flipped to see what their value is between 0 and 9. An 8 or 9 is considered an instant win if the value is obtained from the first two cards and the player immediately wins. All face cards and 10’s are worth 0, Aces are worth 1 and number cards are worth their displayed value. You find out your value by dropping any digits from your card value. For instance a 7 and 6 would have a value of 3, while a 9 and a 7 would have a value of 6. The game follows a set of rules and the outcome is predetermined meaning it is purely a game of chance.

Choosing the Right Casino

As a new gambler trying out online casinos, it’s important to understand how to pick a high quality option and avoid some of the poor quality blacklisted sites. This isn’t always as simple as it seems to do, and you’ll spend time learning the ropes when you first start out.

All new players should really think about using guides and reviews to pick out the high quality sites and to help them stay away from the poor ones. Good reviews take the time to look at all the important features of a casino such as what games it has and how trustworthy the site is to help you make a good decision.

Our reviews look at all of the following when evaluating a casino:

  • Customer support
  • Security, licensing and software quality
  • Game variety and quality
  • Withdrawal and deposit options
  • Player satisfaction
  • Mobile support
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Deposit bonus

How to find best online venue

Each of those factors helps determine whether or not a casino is good to play at. Even if you don’t rely on our reviews, make sure that look into each of those bullet points when you’re examining a casino to see if it’s worth your time. You’ll learn a lot about what a quality casino looks like, and you’ll end up with a better option in the end.

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