Guide to Online Casino Tournaments

Guide to Online Casino Tournaments

Online casino tournaments are great fun if you want to mix up the grind of solitary pokies or roulette play. They also give you the chance to win thousands in prize money.

Virtually every leading Internet casino offers a special tournament promotion at least once throughout the year, and they can be played in pokies, roulette, blackjack or baccarat.

So, how do tournaments work, and how can you best utilise them to earn a ton of free bucks? Let's take a closer look.

Kinds of Online Casino Tournaments

Whatever your game, chances are there's a tournament that fits it. Most tourneys run in a similar way, with the best 'scores' over consecutive spins or games counting towards a leaderboard. The top 5 or 10 in the leaderboard at the end of a set number of spins will share the cash. Simple, isn't it?

Tournaments let you test your gambling skills against other online players, and you can usually re-enter tournaments for an unlimited period over a week or two. Better still, you usually don't have to pay any fees to take part.


Casino sites will run tournaments to showcase a swish new pokie or attract new customers with a fan favourite. Whatever the pokie, the tournament structure is usually the same: you spin the reels and record your best net cash win over 20 or 30 consecutive wins.

Tournaments normally run for a week or so, and only your best wins count towards the leaderboard.

Don't worry about keeping track of what you've won; the computer does this for you. And it doesn't matter if you're playing pokies with 10c spins or $20 ones; the scores are normally equalised to make it all fair.

Remember, you can play more than 20 spins within the time frame. All you need to do is register a superior score over 20 consecutive wins to win the lovely cash.

Blackjack and Roulette

It's not just pokies that you can play tournaments in; table game fans can take part too.

Every blackjack or roulette tourney takes the best 20, 30 or 40 consecutive betting rounds that you play during the promotion.

In the event of a tie, whether you're playing pokies or blackjack, the prize cash will be split.

Let's say a casino is offering $10,000 free cash for a tournament leaderboard. The cash will normally be split something like $4,000 / $3,000 / $1,500 / $1,000 / $500 for the top 5 players.

Things to Remember

While tournaments can be great fun, it's vital to check the Ts and Cs before you play. Despite the normal equalising of stakes so that lower-stakes players can compete on a level playing field as higher-stakes ones, there will normally be an absolute minimum stake on pokies or roulette.

For example, a standard minimum stake on tournament pokies could be $0.20, with anything lower than that not counting towards the leaderboard.

Finding a Top Tournament Casino Online

Whatever tournament you're in, it's important to find a game you actually enjoy playing and a site you enjoy playing on.

If you're gunning for that bonus cash, spinning the same pokie over and over can get boring, so make sure you're happy with the title before you commit. If you love classic-style pokies, but the tournament is all about hitting 3D immersive bonus features, don't waste your time.

And make sure you really trust the site you're playing at. Only the best-rated casinos can be trusted to pay out tourney winnings in a timely fashion. You've probably heard horror stories about casinos not paying out Aussie players. It happens from time to time, so don't become a statistic and be smart.

Get a Top Welcome Bonus Too

So, you've found yourself a juicy tournament and a game you love playing; now to bag yourself a top deposit bonus.

All good Aussie casinos should have a generous welcome bonus so that you can make a deposit, play your favourite pokies, or a tournament, and have a chance at bagging some serious free cash in your first month.

At, we only feature and review the best of the best, so get your tournament journey off to a great start today.

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