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Pure Platinum Pokies Review

Who needs gold when you've got platinum? Since it's the most valuable metal in the world, even more valuable than gold, we're not surprised that someone finally jumped on the platinum bandwagon.

Grab your goggles and let's hit the lab to see if we can find ourselves some pure platinum...


This game is all about platinum – well, the clue is in the name after all – and everything from the title font to the reel icons (which include things like extravagant watches and diamond encrusted rings) and 10, J, Q, K and A symbols are dripping with glimmering platinum.

Hinting at the sort of lifestyle players could afford with a big win is a common trait of pokies, both online and off, and that definitely seems to be what Pure Platinum is going for here.

And, we have to say, it works; this slot has the feeling of a game show, cheesy theme music and all, and it does feel like you could win big at any moment.


One thing Pure Platinum has going for it is that it's just as accessible if you're a fan of penny slots as it is if you're a high roller. Forty paylines and a range of how much you can bet per line means that you can wager anywhere from a few cents to almost 100 AUD on a single spin.

Plus, because the game has plenty of paylines, there are lots of ways to win. During standard play, these probably aren't likely to be enormous cash prizes but you don't burn through your bankroll too quickly when playing Pure Platinum either.

The bonus round is where Pure Platinum, if you'll forgive the pun, really shines. When it's triggered by 3+ scatter symbols, you can choose whether you'd rather have 50 free spins with no multiplier, 25 with a 2x multiplier or 10 with a 5x multiplier.

This means that whether you're the type of player who likes to risk it all for maximum gain, someone who prefers to play it slow and steady or somewhere in the middle, you can tailor the bonus round so it suits your playing style.

Added Value

It won't net you any extra cash, but there's something fun about this game that's hard to put your finger on. The game's flashy layout really does feel like a game show and, although the gameplay doesn't exactly reflect it, there's still a sense of excitement and fun.

A very flexible bonus round, plenty of paylines and the quirky nature of the game means that it's well worth spending some time on. It might take a while to land those free spins, but it's almost always worth it when you finally get there.

This game is a great example of how good online pokies can capture some of the excitement of the casino in your living room, and it comes highly recommended by us.


This game has just about everything it takes to make a great slot: a six figure coin jackpot, a shiny and glitzy gameshow-esque theme, 40 paylines and a large range of coin sizes. Pure Platinum really shines (forgive the pun) in its bonus round, which lets you choose anything between 50 free spins with no multiplier to 10 free spins with a 5x multiplier. There's nothing fancy about it in terms of graphics or animation, but this game does a great job of creating an ambience that you'll want to take in and enjoy time and time again. In fact, it's one of our favourites!