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Queen of the Nile Pokies Review

No pokies review site would be complete without taking a look at the Queen of the Nile series. This mind-blowingly popular game soon spawned a sequel, Queen of the Nile II, which we also have a review of.

But with that game already released, not to mention a third game in the series called Queen of the Nile Legends, is there really anything to recommend the much older original over its sequels?


The game's name, Queen of the Nile, refers to the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. As a result, there are plenty of Egyptian styled reel icons – burial masks, scarab beetles, gold bracelets, pyramids and hieroglyphics – and other little details.

We should probably mention that this title isn't just incredibly popular on the web, but also in land-based casinos in Las Vegas and all over the world. Looking at this game, it's easy to see how perfectly it would fit with the decor in casinos like the Luxor.

Even though the land-based version was originally released almost two decades ago, the graphics still look pretty sharp. Certainly, there are more modern games out there with flashier graphics and 3D animations, but the Queen of the Nile retains a charm of her own.


Once upon a time, the gameplay of Queen of the Nile was revolutionary. Few games of its time offered as many as 20 paylines or a bonus round featuring 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier.

These are now virtually an industry standard, but it's still good to see them on offer here. The base jackpot of 9,000 coins isn't huge, but it's comparable to those in other, newer Aristocrat titles.

Queen of the Nile is definitely one for those who really love spending time playing the slots; the relatively low jackpot means that it's possible to land some decent wins during standard play, and you won't usually have to play for too long before encountering a bonus round.

It might never feel like a huge jackpot is just around the corner, but it's possible to sit down to play Queen of the Nile and walk away a while later with a bankroll that has a bit more padding than it did before.

You can also gamble winnings on the colour or suit of a random card if you're feeling lucky and want to try to double or quadruple your prizes.

Added Value

While the jackpot isn't particularly astonishing and the gameplay now feels pretty average, it's worth giving Queen of the Nile a try for no other reason than it being a piece of pokies history!

It's very rare to find a casino on the web or an offline venue that doesn't have at least one Queen of the Nile machine mixed in amongst its pokies, so having a familiar face in every venue you visit is another reason to play.

We've never met an Australian pokies fan that doesn't like a session on Queen of the Nile, and we're sure that you'll be no exception to that rule.


Queen of the Nile is low variance, so it's perfect for players who enjoy a long session when they hit the slots. The jackpot, 9,000 coins, isn't huge but it's definitely worth having and there are 20 paylines to help you try to reach it. The game's bonus round features 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier, which was innovative at the time but is now much more common. There's nothing all that special about it, but Queen of the Nile remains hugely popular today because it's a legend in the world of gambling – it's worth playing for a while if only to pay your respects(!)