Online Smartwatch Casino Guide: Find The Best Apps And Sites In 2024

Online Smartwatch Casino Guide

If you like online casinos, smartwatch devices are the latest way to gamble on the go. At the tap of a finger you can play pokies or roulette for real money. Australians with an Android Wear, AppleWatch or Motorola are free to bet on the move, wherever they are.

Smartwatch casino apps are still very much in their infancy. However, you can still enjoy great instant-play mobile games via your watch browser.

At, we only recommend the very best online smartwatch casino websites in 2024. Sign up today and put your new mobile device to the test.

  • Discover how the smartwatch revolution is changing online gambling
  • Find out which devices work best with casino games
  • Learn how to play and get a great welcome bonus
Wearable OS is the new kid on the block when it comes to gambling online.

How To Join The Smartwatch Gaming Revolution

Wearable OS is the new kid on the block when it comes to gambling online. Mobile phones are still growing in popularity for casino action.

But smartwatches are the next leap in casino evolution.

Both Apple, with their iOS AppleWatch, and Android with the Pebble, Android Gear and the Moto360, have been hurrying out apps daily. The Google Play Store now has thousands of apps for smartwatch players.

Remember that the small smartwatch screen is only 1.4" across. That means it has been a challenge for casino software developers to adapt their many games.

Using A Smartwatch For Pokies Or Table Games

Microgaming paved the way for wearable gambling in 2015 when they adapted one of their biggest pokies for smartwatch casino players.

Available for both WatchOS and Android devices, the game filled out the whole screen, much like a mobile casino game. Actions like betting and spins are done by tapping or swiping the small screen.

Currently, smartwatch casino apps are mainly accessed by logging via the watch's Internet connection. The Apple Watch and Samsung Gear 2 allow HTML5 games to be played via a separate browser window.

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If you love playing at an online casino, smartwatch tech provides a great way to gamble on the move. Whether you have a WatchOS-powered device or the latest Samsung, we have a top mobile site for you.

Smartwatches are still relatively expensive in Australia. But if they make mobile gambling easier, it means you can win a tonne more AUD wherever you are.

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Can I Gamble On A Smartwatch?

Yes. Many developers are beginning to adapt pokies and roulette games for smartwatch operating systems.

What Watches Are Supported?

Watches with WatchOS or Android Wear will play current smartwatch apps and instant-play games. Though not exclusive to all games, the devices you can play on include: AppleWatch, Pebble (both WatchOS), and the LG G Watch, Moto360, Samsung Gear and Sony Smartwatch 3 (Android Wear).

How Do I Start?

Visit a participating mobile casino via your smartwatch, or visit the Google Play Store or App Store. Some apps can be downloaded to your watch, but generally you will be logging in via your web browser to gamble.

Can I Access Games Via An App Store?

Yes. Some download games are available via the App Store (WatchOS) or Google Play Store (Android Wear). However, many mobile watch games can be played instantly via the browser. Just log in and gamble at the casino Internet site.

What Type Of Gambling Is Popular On Smartwatches?

Smartwatch online casino play is perfect for pokies. Video pokie machines work well on mobile devices as they are easy to play and don't need two many buttons. They also offer the chance to win multi-million dollar jackpots.

How Does It Compare To Other Devices?

Smartwatch casino games are similar to mobile pokies and table games. Players use their watch touch-screen to swipe along to change the betting, or tap the screen to make the pokie reels spin. Because of the small screen, games will be adapted specially to fit the space. This means you may miss certain information that you would find in a traditional online casino game. Only the most vital details are kept on-screen at any one time.