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Gold Factory Pokies Review

Forget about Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory; we'd much rather take a trip to the Gold Factory, and that's exactly what players can do in this pokies title.

Despite a jackpot that's only just above average, this game's still worth a look because of some nice bonus features and the fact that it's just pretty fun to play.


The name of the game here is gold. Everything, from the game's title to the reel icons themselves, are dripping with the stuff. It's a bit gaudy, but the best pokies often are, and the reel icons make a nice change from the usual 9, 10, J, Q, K and A.

Win animations are quite slick, and the bonus rounds also look very appealing. Their graphics hark back to the days of those rather pixelated 16-bit video games, but it doesn't look dated at all.

The reel icons can take a bit of getting used to – there's so much gold everywhere that it's tricky to figure out which are the best – but you'll get to grips with that quickly enough.


Gold Factory's gameplay is simple, straightforward and fun. It feels like you hit the bonus round just often enough that you're getting good value for money but not so often that it becomes boring.

The game's jackpot – just over 50,000 coins in free spins – may not be huge, but it's big enough that you'd certainly like to have it. On the other hand, it's small enough that you can still enjoy some nice wins in standard play, such as when you hit 5 of a kind.

To be honest, it does feel like you'd have to get very lucky to take home the maximum jackpot, but you probably won't resent that since it's easy to pad your bankroll by a few thousand coins here and a few thousand there when you're betting the maximum.

The multi-level bonus round is great, and it's impossible to stop grinning when you hit the boiler room, reactor bonus and a round of free spins (which come with a 2x multiplier) in the same sitting.

Online pokies creators could learn a lot from Gold Factory, as it really is a good one.

Added Value

Depending on how lucky you get, every bonus round you encounter could potentially turn into three bonus rounds. Provided you don't play too quickly, it can take several exciting minutes to work your way through them all.

Clearly, that represents much better value for money that slots that burn through bankroll without so much as a thank you for the trouble.

Unfortunately, there's no way to improve your odds of heading to every stage of the bonus round but you have to think that a reasonable amount of the time you're going to be headed for one of these great multi-round experiences.

Gold Factory's jackpot may not be anything out of the ordinary, but we think that most slots players will get a kick out of its gameplay. This one comes highly recommended.


Gold Factory has a lot going for it – retro video game graphics, 50 paylines and a solid jackpot means that this is one game that you'll want to come back to time and time again. Like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory for grown ups, Gold Factory also has a fantastic multi-level bonus round that can result in some serious cash prizes. As with so many slots this one is really all about the bonus round but, with a possible three different "levels" to play through, it's absolutely worth the wait. Comes highly recommended by us!