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Lady of Fortune Pokies Review

A relaxing, gentle slot from Play N Go, Lady of Fortune has all of the ingredients for a great pokies session – good jackpots, multiplying wilds and a solid theme.

However, in a world of interactive bonus rounds and progressive jackpots, you may be left wondering if that's enough to keep players coming back.


There's no shortage of pokies out there that build their theme around the idea of luck, and Lady of Fortune fits nicely into that category – the Lady of Fortune herself appears to be an Irish fortune-teller and the game is set in a mystical twilight garden.

All of the reel symbols are traditionally lucky symbols – a die displaying a six, a ladybird, a lucky rabbit's foot, a shooting star, a four leaf clover and a horseshoe – and have their own custom animations for when a win is triggered.

The music is soothing, a bit like the sort of instrumental stuff you get in a spa, and it's quite relaxing to pass a bit of time playing Lady of Fortune. The graphics and sounds aren't likely to win any awards but they're still very presentable.


There's nothing overly complicated about Lady of Fortune; it's just a 5-reel slot with 3 rows. One interesting quirk the game has to offer is that its wilds come with a random multiplier up to 5x, which can make for some handsome wins during standard play.

Get 3 Lady of Fortune symbols on a single spin and you'll be taken to the bonus round, where you're invited to select one of the Lady of Fortune's crystal balls. The one you choose will contain anywhere between a few hundred and a few thousand coins, with up to 150x the total bet available.

There are only 15 lines, so you can sometimes find yourself playing for a while without encountering a win. This can be frustrating, given that the bonus round isn't particularly lucrative. However, a wild multiplier inevitably tops your bankroll back up and allows you to keep chasing that jackpot.

If you feel like the Lady of Fortune is smiling down on you, you can choose to gamble any winnings on the flip of a card. Pick the colour correctly to double your money or the suit of the card to quadruple it.

Added Value

Lady of Fortune's bonus round isn't particularly compelling, although it's nice that there's an interactive aspect to it, so it's important that the game adds some value to standard play.

And, to be fair, it does so with the wild multipliers thrown into the mix. However, while this is enough to make for some pretty good wins, Lady of Fortune's biggest selling point – that the game is relaxing and steady enough to play for a long time – is also its downfall; this title never really seems to get going.

Of course, there are big jackpots worth tens of thousands of coins to be won, but it never really feels like you're going to get lucky and strike it rich.


A simple, and oddly relaxing title, Lady of Fortune is a competent title that makes it easy to while away a few hours playing. Superstitious players will no doubt get a kick out of the lucky reel symbols, and a random multiplier of up to 5x triggered by wilds will surely appeal to the rest of us. There's nothing truly special about the game though, and the fairly low number of paylines (Lady of Fortune has just 15 of them) means that racking up any significant wins can take a bit of persistence.