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Reel Rush Pokies Review

With a top jackpot of just shy of half a million coins and over 3000 ways to win, it's probably not surprising that Reel Rush has built up quite a fanbase amongst followers of NetEnt slots.

Like many other NetEnt titles, there's more to Reel Rush than meets the eye – what appears to be just another 5-reel slot is actually a unique title that draws on the mechanics of several popular mobile games.


Although the background looks like something straight out of Super Mario, the way the game plays has more in common with games like Candy Crush Saga.

Between the colourful graphics, arcade-y sound effects and the dreamlike music, it's easy to be transported into the world of the game and forget your cares for a while. The speed of the in-game music picks up when you start re-triggering spins (more on that below), which really does make this aspect of the game feel very exciting.

The theme of fruits goes all the way back to 3-reel slots from decades ago but, somehow, Reel Rush manages to make it feel fresh. The candies and fruits work together to create a slot that seems like a totally new experience.


Reel Rush is an interesting take on the 5-reel video slot. Every win removes two tiles that are initially hidden, increasing the number of ways to win and getting players one step closer to the free spins bonus round.

This re-triggering feature provides some seriously fast-paced and exciting (not to mention nail-biting...) moments as you keep your fingers crossed for enough wins to trigger the bonus round. As we mentioned above, this makes for some really compelling moments that will keep you coming back for more.

Standard wins come pretty frequently but, generally speaking, they're only enough to recoup some of your losses and it's unlikely that you'll be raking in serious cash until the free spins bonus round. Obviously, this will sit well with the jackpot hunters out there.

If you like to play while you're on the move, you'll be pleased to know that there's also a mobile version available.

Added Value

Players don't really have much control over Reel Rush and it's only after a few re-triggered spins that things really start to come to life.

Playing with the maximum coin value and at the highest level is the easiest way to rake in big bucks during the bonus level, but obviously we'd only ever recommend playing at a level that you can comfortably afford.

One downside of the way the game plays is that you're never quite sure when the bonus round is going to come up; you could theoretically play the game for several hours, getting 5 re-triggers on multiple occasions but missing out on that last win you need to enter the bonus round.

You might not like that idea much, but the flipside is that you could just easily trigger a highly rewarding bonus round on your second or third spin.


A huge jackpot. Lots of ways to win. A beautiful updated take on retro arcade style graphics – Reel Rush really does have it all. The reel icons may be pretty standard, but the game's mechanics (which unveil more symbols with every win) mean that this feels like a very special slot indeed. Be warned: you'll probably need to play for a while, without much in the way of wins to show for it, before you reach the bonus round...but it's definitely worth the wait.