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Cashapillar Online Pokies Review

Take the humble caterpillar, fuse it with a money spider and what do you get? A cashapillar. Microgaming isn't always at the forefront of the online pokies industry when it comes to imagination, but during our review of Cashapillar online pokies it was hard not to be impressed with the game's overall package. Indeed, not only is it an inventive concept but the styling and structure of the game fit perfectly with its theme. On top of this there are a myriad of ways to win and the coin ranges on offer are perfectly suited to novice spinners


As you can guess, Cashapillar pokies for real money is based on the multi-limbed insect that turns into a butterfly. This theme is not only injected into the game's styling - you'll find various insects emblazoned onto the grassland backdrop - but in its structure.

Indeed, using the idea of a caterpillar and its numerous legs, this online slot machine has an impressive structure which allows you to spin a win across 100 paylines. This interaction between theme and structure not only makes the game more engaging, but it signals that the Cashapillar slot machine is a well-crafted title that uses style and structure to create a more lucrative game.

Moreover, because the developers have put a lot of effort into making their theme consistent throughout every part of the game, it creates an air of quality and a much more entertaining set of gaming conditions.


As stated earlier in our Cashapillar slot machine guide, this game features 100 paylines and these win lines are spread across five reels. This distribution basically means that you can accrue a large number of incremental wins when you play this game at its maximum capacity (i.e. you open up all 100 paylines).

On top of being able to win money in one of 100 ways, Cashapillar pokies online for real money allows you to wager up to 1,000 coins on a single spin. The combination of these two facets makes this game a fantastic option for novice slot machine players who aren't able to risk large sums on a single spin. Indeed, because the range of coin options (only 0.01 and 0.02 are available) is relatively small compared to similar online pokies, it means the game is affordable yet +EV if you have a small bankroll.

One minor negative point we found when we conducted our review of Cashapillar online pokies was the relatively small jackpot. Although the 1,000 coin max win will be perfectly acceptable for novice players, it may be somewhat lacking for the high rollers amongst you.

Added Value

On top of the Cashapillar slot machine’s impressive structure, the game contains two bonus features. The first is a free spins game which is activated by the appearance of three or more Cake symbols (this is the game's scatter) anywhere on the five reels. This free spin option will provide up to 15 gratis rotations of the reels as well as a 3X multiplier on all win.

On top of this you can win an additional 15 spins if three or more Cake symbols appear again. Moreover, if the wild (the Cashapillar logo) completes a winning combination during your free spins round the value of the win is multiplied by six.

The second bonus feature of Cashapillar pokies is a gamble game. When you roll in a win the gamble game is triggered and at this point you'll be presented with a face-down card. To improve your win you must guess whether it's red or black. If you're correct you'll double your win, if you're not you'll lose. This pattern of doubling will run for as long as you wish or until the gamble limit is reached.