Play Beach Life Slot!

Beach Life Pokies Review

Grab your suntan lotion, deck chairs and swim trunks, as it's time to hit the beach. Ok, so you won't actually need any of that stuff to play Beach Life; all you really need is an appetite for a VERY healthy progressive jackpot.

But even the best progressive jackpots need to come with a game that's actually fun to play too, or else chasing the big prizes will be very painful indeed. Below, we take a look at whether or not Beach Life has what it takes.


No need to worry if you can't afford a vacation this year, since Beach Life has you covered. With reel icons, ice lollies, sunbathing beauties and Mr Sunshine splashed all over the reels, the setting of Beach Life is that of a luxurious summer holiday.

There's not much in the way of background music but ambient beach sounds and underwater bubbling during the Sunken Treasure bonus round sets the mood well enough, so it doesn't feel like there's anything missing here.

The graphics are bold and bright, and we think they look pretty good, but staring at the gaudy symbols for too long might start to give you a headache! Overall, however, this is a slot that perfectly recalls the flashy neon appearance of classic video slots in land-based casinos in Vegas, Sydney and all over the world.


Beach Life's gameplay is just about as simple as it gets – 5 reels, 20 paylines, just one coin size and a huge progressive jackpot on the line. There's something about it that's very reminiscent of offline video pokies, and it's nice to see when games respect that heritage.

Although there's a Sunken Treasure bonus round in which players can score extra cash prizes by selecting treasure chests, there's no dedicated "free spins with a multiplier" type bonus round. This is a bit of a shame but, when we tell you about the other prizes on offer, we don't think you'll be too heartbroken.

As well as a huge standard jackpot of 100,000 coins, lining up 5 wilds across the 20th payline will trigger a progressive jackpot. This jackpot often stands anywhere between 500,000 and several million AUD. That's right – a lucky session playing Beach Life pokies could instantly make you a millionaire.

Added Value

Whenever you're playing a progressive jackpot game, there's always that thought in the back of your mind – "what if I'm the next big winner?" We don't know about you, but the thrill of that thought makes big jackpot slots practically irresistible to us.

Even though standard wins during Beach Life aren't typically that impressive, so it's easy to burn through your bankroll even with the fairly low maximum bet per spin, the Sunken Treasure bonus will usually keep you going long enough for an exciting session chasing that jackpot.

If you happen to line up those wilds but not across the 20th payline, we're sure that the 100,000 coin standard jackpot will make the pain of missing out on the progressive just a little bit easier!


The best thing about Beach Life? That's easy – its progressive jackpot, which regularly reaches millions of AUD. Plus the beachy theme makes it all too easy to dream about how you'll spend your winnings! The game actually has a decent standard jackpot of 100,000 coins too, which is an area where most progressive games fall a bit short. The bright and shiny reel icons might be a bit much for some players, but we're sure that the prizes that are up for grabs will make this very easy to overlook for the majority of people.