Play Fantastic Four Slot!

Fantastic Four Pokies Review

With access to the large progressive Marvel Jackpot, lots of wins during standard play and four different bonus features to choose from, this slot will almost certainly have you feeling fantastic.

Below we take a closer look at how the game compares with other slots on the market, and how it's managed to remain a favourite with Aussie pokies fans for almost ten years.


Like the Spider-Man: Attack of The Green Goblin slot, Fantastic Four relies on the original comic books as its source material rather than the most recent Fantastic Four movie or the film of the same name released in 2005.

That's probably for the best, since the 2024 Fantastic Four was almost universally panned by critics and the original is over a decade old. The game instead uses photorealistic 3D renderings of the characters, and they look great...even though the Human Torch's reel icon looks angry all the time.

With the exception of a little jingle during the intro and after wins, Fantastic Four is completely silent. A rousing superhero movie style score might have helped to establish a bit of ambience but, if it really bothers you, you could always find the movie soundtrack on Spotify while you play!

All the graphics looks nice, although it has to be said that the game will probably start to look a bit dated in years to come. Also, the wild 4 icon looks way too much like the A symbol, which can be confusing when you're waiting to see if you've won or not.


Even though Fantastic Four has 20 paylines, standard play doesn't seem to yield too many significant wins. At least it didn't when we were playing it. It's probably about on par with Spider-Man: Attack of The Green Goblin, but that has on-reel features like Spidey Snapshot to help players bump up their bankroll.

The game has a bonus round with 12 free spins that prompts you to choose a character before you begin. Depending on who you pick, you'll be rewarded with extra spins, expanding/free wilds and/or a higher multiplier. This element of choice allows players to customise how the game plays to their taste, which is always welcome.

With a maximum bet of 400 (of course...) AUD, the game is just as suitable for high rollers as it is for those who only feel comfortable wagering a few cents per spin.

Added Value

As much as we like Fantastic Four, it's difficult to get around the fact that it's easy to burn your way through even a decent sized bankroll quickly when you're playing with a high line bet. Plus, bonus rounds don't seem to trigger that often either.

The base jackpot of 10,000 coins is not too shabby, but the best thing about this game is the randomly triggered Marvel Jackpot that can potentially award lucky players millions of AUD. And you can get that in plenty of other Marvel slots titles.

If you love chasing huge jackpots, you might enjoy passing some time playing Fantastic Four. But, if you prefer your slots on the lower variance side of things, you'll most likely want to look elsewhere.


Another day, another Marvel slot! And, with the range's signature Marvel progressive jackpot in play, this is another game that superhero fans will definitely want to check out. The Fantastic Four series may not translate particularly well to the medium of film, but it does seem to make for a pretty good slot. Despite a fairly low standard jackpot of 10,000 coins, the progressive aspect and an element of choice – take your pick from more spins, extra wilds or a higher multiplier - in the bonus round keeps players coming back. It's fairly high variance as slots with a jackpot on the lower side of things go, but the whole experience is pretty slick in terms of gameplay.