Online Horse Racing in Australia

Online Horse Racing

It may have started out as the sport of kings, but in the modern day horse racing is now a gambling pastime that's enjoyed by punters across the world. Whether it's novice tipsters enjoying a day at the local track or seasoned gamblers making a fortune online, betting on horse racing is one of the most popular activities on the planet.

On this page you'll find our review team's shortlist of the best Australian casino sites offering horse racing bets, including our team's overall best site Jackpot City.

Get up to date tips on the online casino horse racing scene:

  • Flexible betting options for horse racing
  • Amazing welcome bonuses to get you started
  • A variety of horse racing odds for you to bet on

Is Betting on Horse Race Legal in Australia?

Before we delve any further into the specifics of horse racing and horse racing betting, let's clear up the thorny issue of legality in Australia. Since the explosion of online gambling the industry has been bogged down in a myriad of red tape and bureaucracy.

Fortunately, as punters you don't need to worry about this too much about the ins and outs of the law, just that betting on horse racing in Australia is legal. While other areas of the virtual gambling world may be less clear-cut, the bottom-line for horse racing fans in Australia is that you can speculate on your favourite races via your computer or mobile device.

Why Betting on Horse Racing is Profitable Online?


Speed, timing and variety are the three main reasons why it's more profitable to carry out your horse race betting online. The dynamism of the internet, coupled with the an operator's ability to offer a wide range of bets through a single portal means you can find more deals than you could at your local track. Moreover, because it's easier to click a few buttons and place multiple bets at once, you can win a lot more money with a lot less effort when you gamble online.

Another reason why the best bets horse racing bets are found online is because operators will often have special deals for regular punters. Because competition between the top sites is stiff you can often find enhanced odds, cash back offers or risk free bets if you browse through our list of recommended horse racing sites.

Horse Racing Tips and Strategies:

Tips and Strategies

When you play at a live casino, you know that it's impossible for the casino to cheat. You see the dealers shuffle the deck of cards at the blackjack table. When you place bets at the roulette wheel, you can count on the laws of physics to make sure that the pocket the ball lands on is completely random. But when you play online, how do you know that the casino you're dealing with is the real deal? How do you know that you're not being taken for a ride every time you spin that roulette wheel? You don't, assuming you play at just any casino.

To become a successful horse racing tipster you need to follow a few simple steps. Although our horse racing tips won't make you can instant winner, they will give you a good foundation from which to build a winning strategy.

  • Choose Your Discipline: The horse racing world is split into two main components: flats and jumps. Each area has its own champions and factors influencing success and you need to understand them all if you want to become a long-term winner. Our advice is to pick one area first, establish yourself and a winning reputation before you begin to incorporate the other into your betting repertoire.
  • Follow a Trainer: Anyone who regularly indulges in horse race betting will know that certain trainers dominate the sport. Whether it's Jonjo O'Neill and Richard Hannon in the Europe or David Hayes in Australia, a trainer's reputation will often precede a horse and it pays to know which stables produce the best runners. Although this isn't always a reliable marker when judging a race, it will certainly help you distinguish which horses stand more of a chance than others.
  • Singles FTW: The best bets in horse racing are often singles. Although you'll find a myriad of options when you log into your favourite Australian sports book, the reality of the situation is that you stand more chance of success when you bet on single outcomes. Accumulators may offer you a greater return on your investment but they are notoriously tough to win and are, thus, best avoided if you have a fledgling bankroll.
  • Learn to Manage Your Money: Learning to manage your bankroll is one of the most important aspects of horse racing betting. Risking more than you can afford to lose is a recipe for disaster and something you should avoid at all costs. With this in mind, we recommend setting yourself a realistic bankroll (for example, $1,000) and betting no more than 2% of this on a single wager. That means the most you'll risk on a race will be $20.

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Horse Racing FAQ:

How does betting work online?

Betting online is an easy and efficient way for you gamble. Choose from one of our top rated online gambling sites and then create your account. Finally, choose a deposit method to fund your account and then you are ready to place your bets.

How do I start?

The first thing you need to do is choose the site that you would like to gamble at. We have done the research for you and rated the top online gambling sites. Once you have selected your preferred site and claimed your welcome bonus, you are ready to create your account and begin placing your bets.

Is horse racing fixed?

That depends on what time of online casino you do business with and there are some shady ones out there. Fortunately for you, we have searched far and wide to find the most reliable and trustworthy online casinos offering horse racing.

Do systems work?

Systems can be very effective for betting on horse racing, as long as you maintain your discipline and never risk too much of your bankroll.

Can it be profitable?

Yes, horse racing can be very profitable if you are able to successfully pick the winners of each race. That being said, it is difficult to properly choose the right horse each time. There are many factors that you need to know in order to pick a winning horse and that takes time and dedication.

However, if you are playing online you can benefit from the competition between the top sites and receive enhanced odds and cash back offers.

Is it possible to watch live online?

Yes, it is possible for you to watch the races online in most cases. You will be able to track your horse throughout the race and verify that your winnings are deposited into your account.