Australia's #1 Online Pokies Guide

These days you don’t even have - to leave your house to enjoy pokies anymore. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, you can play all the games you know and love online.

And boy do us Aussies love ourselves some pokies action. We’re so into them that we have 196,900 pokie machines dotted around Australia. That’s more pokies per person than any other country in the world.

But are real money online pokies worth your time? How do they work and can you still win thousands of dollars on them? Check out our guide to everything you need to know about online pokies to find out.

What Do All Those Buttons Do?

Online pokies are easy to use. That’s why they’re so popular. Here’s a quick explanation of what all the buttons do, so you know what to expect when you take your first spin:


How To Play

Types of Pokies


These pokies only have three reels and one payline. They’re cheaper to play but there’s no bonus games and the amount of real money you can win is usually smaller.

Multi Line slots

You’ll be able to bet on anywhere from 25 to 50 paylines across 5 reels.but there’s no bonus games and the amount of real money you can win is usually smaller.

Progressive Jackpot Pokies

You can win millions on jackpot pokies because the jackpot just keeps growing until one lucky winner scoops the lot.


  • free spins
    Free Spins

    A bonus feature which awards you extra spins that cost you nothing.


    A bonus feature which multiplies any winnings on your spins

    click and pick
    Click & Pick

    A bonus game where you click on items to reveal instant cash prizes.

    expanding wilds
    Expanding Wilds

    These wild symbols grow before your eyes until they cover an entire reel.

  • wild

    Wild symbols help you to create more wins by substituting for all other symbols, except the bonus ones.


    Scatter symbols are usually used to trigger bonus games. Land 2 or more anywhere on the reels and you’ll go straight into a bonus game.

    bonus game
    Bonus Game

    Bonus games are special mini games where you can win cash prizes or free spins and multipliers.

    stacked wilds
    Stacked Wilds

    A type of wild symbol which stretches out to transform other symbols on the same reel into wilds too.

  • ways to win
    243 Ways To Win

    A special kind of pokie which pays out on symbol combinations in any direction or any position on the reels.

    re spins
    Re spins

    The re-spin feature is normally triggered when you land special symbols on the reels. Particular reels are frozen for a free spin, whilst the remaining reels spin to create winning combinations.


    An extra feature that gives you the opportunity to collect even more cash after every winning spin. Just make a simple prediction in a game like hi lo to double your original win.

    stacked wilds
    Sticky Wilds

    These are basically expanding wilds which stay locked into position for a round of free spins. That means guaranteed winning combinations on every one of your free spins.

Progressive Jackpot Pokies

dollar sign

Progressive jackpot pokies are easily the most widely played casino game on the Internet. That’s because they come with the biggest potential wins. We’re talking millions of dollars here.

To win a progressive jackpot you’ll need to land the right combination of special jackpot symbols on the pokies reels. When this happens, you’ll be taken to a jackpot bonus game. The game will usually involve spinning a wheel or clicking on items to discover the size of the jackpot you’ve won.

Pokies Tournaments: Get Social

If you want to take your pokies play to the next level, check out some online pokies tournaments. You’ll get to compete against other players, try out new pokies games and even pick up a wodge of cash if you rank in one of the top positions.

circle of people text

Mobile Pokies

You can order a pizza from your phone, video call your mates on the other side of the world and even find your future spouse on an app. So why not play pokies on your phone too?

You can dive into thousands of mobile pokies games on your smartphone or tablet wherever you are. That means you’ll be able to turn any boring moment into a winning opportunity. Plus, you get to wave goodbye to being chained to your desktop PC whenever you feel like a few spins of your favourite pokies.

phone and text

Pick Your Perfect Pokie

Not sure which pokie is the right one for you? No worries, take our quiz to discover what your gaming soulmate is.

Online VS Offline

Real money online pokies work in exactly the same way as the standard pokies you’ll find in land-based casinos across Australia.

The aim of the game might be the same but that doesn’t mean one type isn’t better than the other. Here’s how playing pokies online compares to the offline experience:

  • Online pokies are always there for you, unlike offline ones. You can only play land-based pokies when the casino is open.
  • Online jackpots are way bigger than their offline cousins. That’s because loads more players are adding to jackpot totals on the Internet.
  • Variety is the spice of gambling life and you get a bigger choice of games online. Casino websites have hundreds of pokies to try out because they’re not limited by space like land based casi nos are.
  • Offline casinos don’t give players a pile of extra cash just for turning up. Online casinos do. Every new player gets a Welcome Bonus and that means more real money to enjoy playing pokies with.
  • Online casinos treat their members much better than land-based casinos do. You don’t have to be a high roller to pick up free stuff, you’ll collect points every time you play online. You can use them to buy cool prizes like electronics, clothing and even holidays.
online trunp card vs offline trump card


Is it legal to play pokies online in Australia?

Yes. There aren’t any laws saying that Aussie players can’t play at online casinos. The only Internet gambling laws that do exist are aimed at businesses operating online gambling websites. As a player you’re free to enjoy playing pokies wherever you like.

Are online pokies better than offline?

There are loads of advantages to playing online pokies. The main one is that when you join an online casino, you’ll get a Welcome Bonus. That’s free extra cash to play even more pokies with.

The other plus sides of playing online are that the casino never closes, you can try out a much wider range of games and the progressive jackpots grow bigger than they do on land-based pokies.

How can I make deposits and withdrawals?

You’ve got plenty of choice when it comes to funding your online pokies play. You can use well-known payment methods like Visa, bank transfer and direct debit to move your money in and out of your casino account or you can use digital wallets like Skrill.

How long does it take to deposit and withdraw?

At the best online casinos, you’ll be able to make instant deposits and withdraw your cash within 24 hours.

What are the chances of winning on online pokies?

The payout percentages are different from one pokie to another and different casino sites can set their games to pay out higher or lower amounts. All the top online pokies have payout percentages of 95-97%.

Remember that the wins on pokies are completely random. That means there’s no strategy that can tell you exactly how to win real money on pokies and there’s no way to work out what the actual odds of winning are, like you can with blackjack.hours.

How do I know where to play online pokies?

We can help you. Just check out our recommended online pokies page to read full reviews of the major online casinos. We look at important factors like how safe a site is, how much they pay out, what their games are like and how big their Welcome Bonuses are.

Can I play on mobile pokies games?

You can play thousands of pokies on your mobile or tablet. Playing pokies on your mobile is one of the best ways to enjoy online pokies. That’s because you can take the casino fun with you anywhere you want.

Can I play online pokies for free?

Yes, you can. Free pokies give you the opportunity to try out new games without having to spend any money. It’s a great way to get a feel for whether a particular online pokie suits the way you want to play and you’ll also get some valuable practice in too.

How do I know online pokies aren’t fixed?

The best trusted casino sites all have certificates to prove that their games have been tested for fairness by independent auditors. During these tests they check that each game generates completely random results, so you can be sure you’re in with a fair chance of winning every time you spin the pokies reels.

What’s a welcome bonus?

Welcome Bonus is a nice big hunk of extra cash to play with. Online casinos give Welcome Bonuses to every player when they join up and make their first deposit

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