Download vs. No-Download

Download v No-Download Casinos

To download or not to download; that is the question.

With so much choice available to Aussie online players in 2024, it’s hard to know what’s best: download a big client to your desktop, or just play your favourite games via a web browser.

Both options have their various merits and pitfalls, but most big Internet casinos will give you a choice of either when you sign up.

So, which should you go for when you start your online casino journey? Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Instant Play Casinos Online

No-download online casinos let you play your favourite pokies and casino games directly via the site. That means you never have to download a client onto your hard drive, clogging up valuable memory. Instant-play games normally load up in seconds as long as you have Java updates or Flash installed on your machine.

Pluses of No Download

  • Play on multiple platforms
  • If your favourite casino doesn’t offer a native app or client for Macs or Linux machines like yours, instant-play games bypass this problem and let you play via the web browser.

  • Save valuable memory space
  • If you’re a savvy casino player, you should have a dozen accounts to take advantage of the best offers and bonuses. But having that many clients can take up lots of space on your computer. With no-download sites, you never have to download anything.

  • Avoid spyware and other tracking software
  • Anti-virus software often picks up components from online casinos when downloading a client. Avoid the issue and pick instant-play games.

Minuses of No Download

  • Needs a solid Internet connection
  • Because you’re playing no-download games via the Internet, it’s important to have a good web connection or Wi-Fi wherever you are. There’s nothing worse than being kicked out of a roulette game just as the ball is about to drop.

  • Not as many casino games available
  • Not all instant-play clients offer the same range of games as full download casinos. Check before you play to make sure you’re not missing out on your favourite pokies and table game variants.

  • Where are the pretty graphics?
  • In addition, the graphics and animation may not quite be on the same level in some no-download versions.

Download Casino Clients

If you have the HD space, a compatible machine, and the time, it’s worth downloading the full casino client if available.

Remember to ensure that the software won’t get flagged by any anti-malware programs you’re running, as Internet gambling clients are notorious for being picked up.

Pluses of Download

  • The best graphics and range of games
  • With the full download casino you get all the pokies and all the available games like Live Dealer. It’s not uncommon to find a dozen roulette variants in a download casino but only two or three in a no-download casino; that can be a big factor when choosing a site.

  • Customise your lobby
  • In 2024, it’s becoming easier to find casinos that let you customise your games lobby and add ‘favourites’ like top slots and roulette to your own personal casino homepage.

  • Safe and secure
  • Because download clients are saved to your hard drive, you can protect your log-in and card details much easier than on a laptop or public computer you’re accessing from anywhere.

Minuses of Download

  • Your disk space is going to vanish
  • Saving multiple clients can take up lots of memory space. That can be an issue if you’re downloading dozens of casinos.

  • It can take a while to set up
  • Downloading casinos, especially the new ones, can take a while. Always give yourself time when saving and running software clients to your hard drive.

  • Watch out for privacy and anti-virus software
  • Good anti-virus software does its job when it comes to online casino clients. They will regularly pick up online casinos as things to quarantine. Remember to adjust your settings prior to downloading a casino program.

Find the Best Instant-Play And Download Casinos Today

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With our range of reviewed casinos, you’re sure to discover the best casinos for gamblers up and down the country. Whether you’re on a Mac, PC or Linux machine, sign up with one of our top AU sites and grab yourself a top casino welcome bonus.

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