How To Download Casino Software

How To Download

Online casinos are a lot of fun for gamblers looking for a more convenient way to play, but getting started with one can be a bit confusing for new players, especially when you have to download casino software before you can begin playing. Casino software offers a rich gaming experience, and it makes accessing games quick and easy to do once it’s installed. Unfortunately, that can be a tricky process if you aren’t sure exactly what you’re doing. That’s why we’ve outlined the process for both PC and Mac users, so that you can get started easily, even if you aren’t familiar with installing software.

The Benefits Of Downloading Casino Software

  • Lets you play faster
  • It’s simple to do
  • Saves account information for you
  • Often a better graphical experience

Download Software To Your PC

If you play on a Windows PC you can easily download casino software from most websites that offer it. The process is simple and can be completed in just a few moments. To start the process off you have to create an account with the casino. Once you have an account you sign in and look for the download page of the website.

The download page will have a link that you click to open up the software download. This initiates the download which will begin putting a single file on your computer. Once the file is finished being put on your computer you open it up to begin installing your new casino software.

Locate the file in your downloads folder of your computer, or wherever you have downloads assigned to go, and then right click the file and select “Open”. This will start the install wizard. Follow along with the steps that it provides you and you’ll quickly install the software on your computer.

Once it is installed you simply have to run it and you can type in your account name and password and begin enjoying the different games the casino has to offer right on your computer without ever having to open up your web browser.

Download Software To A Mac

Download Software Mac

Downloading software for a Mac computer is just as simple as for a Windows machine, but the process is decidedly different. You visit the casino website and download DMG files that contain the software for your Mac computer. Once you have the files you simply right click on them and select “Mount”. This opens up an icon for the software and shows the Applications folder down below that icon.

Drag the icon into the Applications folder to move the files into Applications so that you can use them. Once the files have been moved you simply click on “Launchpad” to open up a list of all your programs, and you can run your new casino software by selecting its icon. Now you sign into your casino account and start playing.

If only Windows software is available from the casino, it doesn’t mean that you can’t run it on your Mac computer. You simply have to open up Parallels, and install the program inside your Windows emulator just like you would install it to a standard Windows machine.

Play Without Downloading

If you don’t want to spend the time downloading software for a casino, or you aren’t using your own computer to play at a casino there are instant play options that don’t require any downloads at all. Most casinos today allow you to play without downloading an app or software at all. They offer Flash-based or HTML5 games that will run right in a web browser. That means you visit the casino website, sign into an account and begin playing the games right in the web browser immediately. This is the faster process for players looking to get started fast, but it isn’t available at every single casino out there.

If you don’t want to take the time to download software, you’ll have to make sure the option is available at the casino you are considering. Usually if it is, you’ll be able to try out games for free in your browser before you even create an account at the location.

Mobile Casinos

Mobile Casinos

If you would prefer to play on your mobile device, you can choose to install software or to enjoy instant play as well, just like computer users do. The process is even simpler for Australian players looking to get going with mobile apps.

When you play at a mobile-friendly website that offers apps for either Android or iOS users, you simply have to visit the app store for the device and search for the app from that casino. Most of the time the app will show up in the store and you can click on the name of it and select install to have it put on your smartphone or tablet and installed.

When the app does not show up in the store you’ll have to visit the casino website in your device browser and download the app file to your device manually by selecting download on the website. Once the file is downloaded you can locate it with your device’s file browser and select the file to open it up. Your device should then run the installer and get you the app you need to play on your mobile device.

At some casinos no app will be available, but you can still play the games by visiting the casino website right in your mobile browser and selecting the game that you want to play. This is most convenient for players that don’t want additional apps, or that aren’t supported by most apps.

Finding the right casino with support for your device will make downloading the proper software and getting started much easier. Read through our casino reviews and look for options that support your computer or mobile device for the best results overall.  

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