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Wild Panda Pokies Review

Wild Panda is yet another Chinese themed slot, but it differentiates itself by featuring one of the country's most distinctive animals. With fewer than 2,000 living in the wild, giant pandas are known as a national treasure in China.

That's all well and good, but how does it play? We take a closer look below to get to the bottom of whether this Wild Panda is as much worth saving as those roaming in the wilds of China.


Like in so many Chinese themed pokies you'll find all of the usual suspects on the reels like pagodas, lotus flowers, koi carp and traditional stringed instruments, as well as bamboo chutes to keep the panda of the game's title happy.

But, to say that this is just another slot that recycles this common theme would be to do it a disservice. Wild Panda actually looks much better than a lot of Aristocrat's slots.

Unfortunately the sound effects used are the same old Aristocrat files, which is a shame as we'd love to hear some more authentic Chinese music playing like what you get when the bonus round is triggered.


Wild Panda has 100 paylines so it sits somewhere between a traditional payline structure and the Reel Power system, with its 243 ways to win, that's associated with many Aristocrat slots.

As a result, wins are very common. In fact, it's not unusual to notch up several small wins in a row. The downside here is that these wins won't always even cover your original bet. Still, if you like lots of little victories, Wild Panda could be great for you.

The bonus round is activated by spelling PANDA across the reels, which is a nice touch, but it means that if you don't see that P on the first reel when you spin you immediately know that a bonus round is out of the question this time.

There are extra wilds during the bonus round, but no multiplier, and players only receive a few free spins. It has to be said that this feels pretty miserly, and wins during the bonus round are rarely as large as you might be hoping.

The base jackpot, awarded for lining up 5 pandas during the bonus round, is just 2,000 credits. Nice to have, certainly, but hardly likely to break the bank.

Added Value

Wild Panda is a great choice for players who genuinely enjoy playing slots, and like to be able to do so for a long time without racing through their bankroll too quickly.

The low minimum bet, just a few cents, combined with the high number of paylines means that you could play Wild Panda for hours at a time if you felt the urge to do so. However, it's not very likely that you'd come away with a life-changing win to cash out.

Plus, there's no getting around the fact that the bonus round really is weak. We once triggered it twice, just a few spins apart, and only managed to improve our bankroll by about 40%. If you're after a huge win it's plain to see from that example that you probably won't find it here.


Wild Panda has 100 paylines which, excluding systems like Reel Power and Xtra Reel Power that offer in excess of 243 ways to win, is about the most you'll find in any slot. Wins are common, but low, and we like the way the bonus round is triggered too; by spelling PANDA across the reels. The bonus round itself, which offers just a few free spins with extra wilds but no multiplier, is actually a bit disappointing and a maximum jackpot of 2,000 coins means that this game rather fails to live up to its potential.