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Tigers Eye Pokies Review

Forget about the usual king of the jungle, and come hang out with tigers. You probably won't experience any life-changing wins – the base jackpot is just 1,000 coins multiplied by your bet per line – but there's plenty of fun to be had anyway.

For example, this slot has an interesting take on the traditional free spins bonus round that we think you've just GOT to see.


It would be easy to assume that Tiger's Eye would have a theme very much like other 'big cat slots', such as Lion's Pride. However, it's actually much brighter and more colourful than these titles, with colours that seem particularly vivid.

With reel icons featuring peacocks, monkeys, pawprints, tigers (obviously) and golden tiger statues, there's no denying that the slot looks beautiful. The remaining icons (A, K, Q, J, 10) are decked in gold that sparkles and glistens during win animations.

The game suggests an explorer searching for treasure in the jungle but never really elaborates on this or lays out a storyline. It would be nice to see this explained a bit more, maybe even another bonus game along these lines, but the game still looks and sounds great.


During standard play, Tiger's Eye looks and plays like plenty of other 5-reel slots. There are 40 paylines, offering plenty of chances to win, and players can expect to experience lots of wins every time they start this game up.

If you're feeling lucky, you can also try wagering all of your winnings on the turn of a card to double (if you guess the colour correctly) or quadruple (if you predict its suit) them.

However, the game really shines during its bonus round. Players receive just 10 spins but, with every spin, the multiplier increases i.e. 1x on the first spin, 2x on the second all the way through to 10x on the final spin.

This creates an interesting dynamic whereby players actually find themselves hoping NOT to win on the first few spins because it seems like it should improve their odds on later spins with higher multipliers.

By the time you get to the final free spin, the tension is almost unbearable and it's possible to land a huge win even from one that would be pretty insignificant in standard play.

Added Value

There's no getting around the fact that, during standard play, Tiger's Eye is a pretty average if very attractive 5-reel slot and it only really comes alive during the free spins bonus round.

That shouldn't be surprising given that it's just a couple of years old – slots creators are always looking for ways to differentiate their games from the norm, and we think that the twist Tiger's Eye puts on the usual free spins bonus round does just that.

You'll never be able to retire on your winnings from Tiger's Eye but, if you're in the mood for some low risk action and a bonus round that appears every 50 or 60 spins, it's far from a bad choice.


For the most part, Tigers Eye is a typical 5 reel slot. It has 40 paylines, as well as a jackpot of 1,000x your bet per line, and looks bright and colourful enough. Where this game really sets itself apart, though, is in the bonus round. Players receive 10 free spins but are awarded a multiplier than increases on every spin, ultimately reaching 10x on the final spin. It's this interesting and offbeat take on the traditional "15 free spins, 3x multiplier" that makes Tigers Eye a bit different. If you like your action a bit on the volatile side, we think you'll really like this bonus round in particular.