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Miss Kitty Pokies Review

Well, if cats are a big enough topic to write a Broadway musical about we suppose there's enough subject matter to make them the star of a pokie as well.

In fact, this slot focuses on the adventures of just one particular cat – Miss Kitty. But without any jackpot to speak of and a bonus round featuring just 10 free spins, has this kitty got claws or will it end up on the street with the strays?


Miss Kitty may like to play the lady about town, with a beautiful city skyline serving as the background in the game, but she's clearly not above getting in touch with her feline side; reel icons include everything from fish, birds and clockwork mice to milk cartons and balls of yarn.

There are no win animations, but the cartoony graphics look cute and it's always great to hear Miss Kitty meowing playfully whenever players land a wild win. There's also some cheerful background music to enjoy during the bonus round.

This puts the game a bit above many other Aristocrat titles, which use the same batch of sound effects no matter what the theme. Admittedly, Miss Kitty uses some of these too, but at least some custom sounds are thrown into the mix to change things up.


Because Miss Kitty has 50 paylines and a low maximum base jackpot, the game is very low variance. Players will often find themselves winning every couple of spins and with some careful gambling – the game allows you to double or quadruple your winnings by guessing the colour or suit of a random card – it's possible to slowly but surely boost your bankroll.

There may not be much of a jackpot, with 5 fish scoring 100x the player's bet per payline, but because the fish symbols are stacked it's still possible to land a big win with just one spin. If you're a fan of stacked symbols, you'll certainly enjoy this aspect of the game.

The bonus round, triggered by three moon symbols in reels 1, 2 and 3, might not seem like much to write home about with just 10 spins and no multiplier. However, because any Miss Kitty symbols that land remain in place for ALL remaining games, it can actually be a fantastic little earner.

Added Value

With the exception of a bonus round that can get very exciting if you land a few sticky wilds, Miss Kitty is a pokie for those who prefer their play slow and steady. You won't usually encounter many big wins during standard play, but you're just as unlikely to face a string of big losses.

The bonus round may not come around as often as you'd like but, even so, you (and your bankroll) won't have any trouble playing this one for long periods of time. And the theme is fun and cutesy enough that you might want to do just that.

If you're not a cat lover and would rather get in touch with your canine side while you hit the pokies, give Wolf Moon or Werewolf Moon a try instead. Otherwise, this one comes recommended by us.


Miss Kitty is definitely a low variance slot – it has 50 paylines and a fairly low maximum jackpot, so players can expect to enjoy lots of small wins during a typical session. Its bonus round is reasonable, with sticky Miss Kitty symbols but no dedicated multiplier, so it is possible to land some decent wins when playing. Couple that with the fact that it won't do too much damage to your bankroll, and this turns out not to be a bad game at all. Still, the theme is a bit saccharine and this is one that "manly men" and folks who prefer dogs will probably want to avoid!